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community November 23, 2010

Q&A is Hard, Let’s Go Shopping!

Over the last 2.5 years, we’ve identified a few problematic classes of questions that tend to get asked on our sites. Many of these are documented in our standard set of close reasons: exact duplicate, off-topic, subjective and argumentative, not a real question, and too localized. However, as we launched the great Super User experiment,…
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careers November 9, 2010

What’s a CV Anyway?

When I first started working at Stack Overflow, I wondered why the candidate’s work experience is referred to as a CV on Stack Overflow Careers. I honestly thought Stack Overflow might be a European company or maybe they were just being snobs. A resume is your work experience written up on a piece of paper…
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community November 9, 2010

Stack Overflow Homepage Changes

As I mentioned in The Horror of No Answer: Revival and Necromancer: It’s fine — expected, even — for there to be a “long tail” of questions that are too obscure, too narrow, or just plain unanswerable for whatever reason. Sometimes you have to be patient; it takes the time it takes. But seeing the…
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community November 4, 2010

Tag Sets on Stack Exchange

Over the last few months, we’ve been continually improving our central network hub at Launched with reputation leagues, network-wide hot questions, and a global site directory Added the ability to customize which Stack Exchange sites appear in your hot questions Added the ability to search all Stack Exchange sites After a two week public…
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community November 3, 2010

The Horror of No Answer: Revival and Necromancer

On the Stack Exchange network, we define an “unanswered question” as a question with no upvoted answers. This is a very, very strict definition. The way we define it, your question could still technically be unanswered even if it has multiple answers — so long as none of those answers have received their first upvote.…
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company November 3, 2010

Stack Exchange at Ubuntu Developer Summit

Last week, I was graciously invited to spend a few days at the Ubuntu Developer Summit held in Orlando, Florida. Twice a year, Canonical engineers, partners, and community members get together to discuss and plan the next release of their operating system. I was invited to talk about Ask Ubuntu to help in the planning…
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background November 1, 2010

Rovio: Or, How to Annoy Your Coworkers From 2,800 Miles Away

I’m a big fan of annoying my coworkers. Problem is, I don’t have any coworkers because I work remotely from home. An impossible conundrum. Or is it? Enter Rovio, the wi-fi enabled robotic WebCam. Rovio got mixed reviews, but we decided to give it a shot anyway. You control Rovio through a web browser interface,…
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company October 30, 2010

Database Upgrade

As part of our datacenter migration, the database server received a substantial upgrade: Oregon 48 GB 2 Xeon X5470 CPUs 8 total cores @ 3.33 Ghz NYC 64 GB 2 Xeon X5680 CPUs 12 total cores @ 3.33 GHz However, a few things didn’t go quite to plan in the migration. Much to our chagrin,…
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community October 29, 2010

Stack Overflow results featured in MSDN Search

Did you notice anything different about MSDN search lately? MSDN is Microsoft’s mega huge developer information portal, and we’re happy to announce that starting today, Stack Overflow search results will be incorporated into the results when you search for something on MSDN. That lets you see official Microsoft developer documentation alongside the community conversations that…
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community October 27, 2010

Code Camp Video Interview

A few weeks ago, I presented HTML 5 Local Storage — as featured in our global network auto-login — at the 2010 Silicon Valley Code Camp. After the talk, Mehul Harry of DevExpress buttonholed me to talk about HTML 5 local storage … and everything else we’ve been working on over the last 6 months.…
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