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company March 30, 2011

Careers 2.0 now does GitHub

careers In our continuing effort to allow awesome developers to demonstrate their …awesomeness… we’ve added the ability to include your GitHub projects on your Careers 2.0 profile. The feature is inspired by a sentiment widely shared among developers and employers: show me. As John Resig put it: The process is easy. Head over to your…
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Engineering Manager (former)
community March 29, 2011

R.I.P. Envelope, Hello Improved User Pages

If you’ve used any Stack Exchange site over the last year, you’re probably familiar with “the envelope”. The envelope was a notification system that … sort of … let you know when things happened on the site. As time went on, it became clear that the envelope was a deeply flawed design. I began thinking…
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Co-Founder (Former)
background March 25, 2011

Welcome Valued Associate Josh Heyer

Our community team has been growing by leaps and bounds: Robert Cartaino — Palm Bay FL — Apr 19, 2010 Rebecca Chernoff — St. Louis MO — Jan 4, 2011 Dori Smith — Healdsburg CA — Feb 25, 2011 We’re serious about building community — and that means having a full time team dedicated to…
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Co-Founder (Former)
community March 24, 2011

Redesigned Tags Page

In the spirit of our recent redesign of the users page, we felt it was time to enhance the tags page, too. As you can see, the tags page now shows a bit more information about each tag, namely: The first three lines of the tag wiki excerpt for the tag. The number of questions…
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background March 22, 2011

Welcome Valued Associate Amanda Zompetti!

Amanda Zompetti takes over as Office Manager in the Stack Exchange NYC headquarters. As Office Manager/Den Mother, Amanda ensures that all the behind-the-scenes-daily-operations run smoothly. During her first week she was faced with many challenges including the installation of a ping pong table. In all seriousness, Amanda is already a strong contributor to the team. In her…
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Director of Marketing (former)
community March 17, 2011

Stack Overflow MeetUps – April 6

We’re excited to announce that Wednesday, April 6th, 2011, is World-Wide Stack Overflow MeetUp Day! We commonly say that Stack Overflow is run by the community. We also commonly say that Stack Overflow is not a social networking site. There’s no private messaging. There’s no “friends” list. The entire focus is on the knowledge shared. So,…
company March 9, 2011

A New Name for Stack Overflow (with surprise ending)

It’s been a while since we’ve done something arbitrary, complicated, and confusing, so today I’m happy to announce that the name of the company has been changed, effective immediately, to Stack Exchange Inc! There’s a method behind this madness, of course: we want to emphasize the importance of the 45 sites in our network, which…
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company March 8, 2011

PEER 1 Hosting – Making your data center more awesome!

In 2003, Fog Creek Software (aka Joel’s other baby) moved offices, and decided to ditch its internal T1 and look for a colocation provider. Joel was impressed with PEER 1 Hosting’s customer service, the shiny new data center in NYC, and PEER 1 Hosting even volunteered to host Joel on Software – for free! When we…
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Director of Marketing (former)
background March 7, 2011

Stack Overflow and the Computer History Museum

Last summer, we sponsored the Computer History Museum. The sponsorship coincided with a massive 25,000 square foot museum renovation for a new exhibit which opened in January, Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing. I finally got a chance to visit, and it is stunning. They took all the computers in their giant visual storage…
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Co-Founder (Former)
community March 1, 2011

Redesigned Users Page

After 2.5 years of being almost unchanged, we decided it was high time the Users page got a redesign. The old user page was fine, in a late 2008 sort of way, but it ultimately became a bit monotonous — every time you viewed it, you’d see more or less the same list of top…
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