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background February 28, 2011

Our advertisers want to know…

We recently ran a survey (thanks again to all that participated) and that did not go unnoticed. Some of our best advertisers saw this, and reached out to us because they had some questions of their own that needed answering: Who are you (not personally but as a group) and what do you do? What…
background February 25, 2011

Welcome Valued Associate Dori Smith

With forty-three sites and counting, there’s no shortage of communities needing attention. Thank goodness there’s also no shortage of enthusiastic users willing to volunteer their time to help their communities. But once in awhile a user stands out as truly exceptional. That’s why I am really excited to announce that Dori Smith has joined us…
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Director of Community Development (former)
careers February 23, 2011

Careers 2.0 Launches

One day, you’ll be telling your grandchildren about getting a programming job, version 1.0. You would send a “resume” to a “recruiter.” It included all kinds of silly information required by the esoteric resume ritual (foreign languages spoken, whether or not you play ultimate Frisbee, Microsoft-veteran status). This so-called “information” was utterly useless at determining…
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Co-founder & Former Chairman of the Board
community February 22, 2011

Are Some Questions Too Simple?

On Podcast #58, Joel and I had a disagreement. Not the first, and certainly won’t be the last: Joel says that the only bad simple question is a duplicate simple question. I say simple questions are OK as long as they’re actually interesting (in some way) for other users to consider and answer. To prove…
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Co-Founder (Former)
api February 18, 2011

Stack Apps and Scripts

As part of our ongoing improvement to our 1.1 API release, and the site that supports our API,, we’ve extended Stack Apps to support the listing of browser scripts. Since Stack Overflow began, there have been tons of nifty browser scripts people have created to enhance their experience — and they usually work on…
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Co-Founder (Former)
background February 16, 2011

Blekko and Stack Overflow

I’ve been a longtime fan of Rich Skrenta, who you might know as the author of the world’s first computer virus. He’s also on our board of advisors, and he founded a search startup — Blekko’s claim to fame is that it attempts to meld human curation with traditional Google-style search algorithms. It’s what…
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Co-Founder (Former)
background February 14, 2011

Welcome Valued Associate Jamie Gingerelli

New Jersey born-and-bred, Jamie Gingerelli joins the Stack team in the NYC headquarters as Ad Operations Campaign Manager.  Jamie is leading the ad operations of Stack Overflow; insuring that our advertisers receive the most bang for their advertising buck.  With strong organizational skills and a passion for customer service, Jamie is sure to be a…
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Director of Marketing (former)
api February 11, 2011

Stack Exchange API 1.1 and Improved App Gallery

We just rolled out version 1.1 of the Stack Exchange API. To see what’s new, browse the revised documentation at: Rebecca took an informal survey of the API developer community at Stack Apps, and determined that what everyone wanted most (beyond v2 of the API, yes, I know) was an improved application gallery. So…
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Co-Founder (Former)
community February 10, 2011

Community Conference Sponsorships

In A Recipe to Promote your Site we noted that we would match community effort with funds: Any community that shows sufficient effort and innovative ideas to promote their site will be offered a budget and resources to make those ideas happen. Think of it as matching funds — except we’re matching effort, innovation, resources,…
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Co-Founder (Former)
community February 5, 2011

Suggested Edits and Edit Review

The Stack Exchange engine draws inspiration from a number of sources. We continue to be great admirers of Wikipedia, but we’ve always missed out on one crucial aspect of their system: we never allowed anonymous users to edit content. No, that required earning privileges through participation — specifically, the retag privilege at 500 reputation and…
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Co-Founder (Former)
community February 4, 2011

Welcome Our New Trilogy Moderators for 2011!

The trilogy elections are now complete. Welcome our new trilogy moderators for 2011! Stack Overflow Server Fault Super User I hereby declare the new election process, at least as judged by the quality of the final candidates and the eventual winners, a resounding success! Thank you for so generously contributing your time to keep your…
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Co-Founder (Former)