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community December 5, 2011

Free Vote-Based Advertising Launches 1H 2012

For almost two years, we’ve reached out to our programmer communities to support open-source projects. Free Vote-Based Advertising for Open Source Projects It’s time once again to publicize your favorite open-source projects in need of programmer assistance. Every six months, we accept new submissions for free open-sourced advertising to be served in an ad slot…
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company December 2, 2011

The Best of Blog Overflow: November 2011

Ah, it’s that time again — time to recap the best posts from this past month on our Blog Overflow sites. The last time we did this, we featured some really cool posts from all over. This past month, we had even more really awesome posts. We didn’t have over 9000 of them (though one…
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company November 30, 2011

SE Podcast #29 – Chris Poole

Jeff and Joel are joined today by Chris “Moot” Poole, founder of 4chan and  It’s a wide ranging discussion from internet memes and tropes to the danger of the SOPA bill that is currently making its way through the house. We need a number display like they have in delis. If anyone out there…
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community November 30, 2011

Question [Closed]… and it’s probably best that way

If you’ve poked around our network, then you’ve probably noticed that we hate fun at Stack Exchange. Hard-line Q&A is in our evil DNA. And you know what, I kinda like it that way. But I haven’t always been onboard… Flashback to late September, when I asked the following question at our Skeptics site: New York pizza is…
company November 23, 2011

SE Podcast #28 – Brent Ozar

Jeff & Joel are joined this week by Brent Ozar, database wizard who has helped tons of companies (including Stack) with their massive scaling needs. The Spanish site is live! It’s sort of strange having a site about learning one language be conducted in another. With French we decided to let them try to conduct the whole site…
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cooking November 23, 2011

It’s almost Thanksgiving! (Tell your friends about Cooking.SE)

You’re probably really stressed out about making dinner, huh? Have a ton of questions about cooking for large groups, vegetarian substitutes, and that deep frying experiment that went completely wrong? What a perfect time for us to remind you that we have a site for that… it’s called Seasoned Advice. Reminding people to turn to…
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community November 21, 2011

Improved Reviewing

Stack Exchange gets a staggering amount of questions and answers every day. Our goal is not only to provide great answers to the huge amount of questions, but to create awesome gems of knowledge that can be consumed by generations to come. New users on our sites need some extra TLC. Without them we can…
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uncategorized November 18, 2011

Give a damn. Give lots of damns. More than anyone.

This is probably my favorite piece of advice from Alexis Ohanian, best known as the co-founder of Reddit. I attended a talk he gave a few days ago in NYC called “Making Something People Love,” which was advice for start-ups (founders, and by extension, their small, versatile staffs) based on Alexis’s experiences at Reddit, Hipmunk,…
company November 16, 2011

SE Podcast #27 – Dave Winer

Jeff & Joel are joined today by Dave Winer, who’s upset that we don’t have a jingle to start the show! He “invented” (well, pioneered, really) the XML-RPC protocol. Dave tells us the story of how and why the protocol came to be. Right now, Dave’s working on a “magnificent symphony of software” – it’s the…
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company November 11, 2011

Elder Scrolls vs. Call of Duty – Livestream @ 4 EST

As you may have noticed, we’re throwing a party over on the Gaming site. If you’re not a gamer, you may not know that two huge games came out this week: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.  Game launches are always big for because they’re a unique opportunity to…
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uncategorized November 11, 2011

Gotta have a hook

(Alright, not a fishing hook or a Captain hook, but a “hook.” You’ll see what I mean.) One of our biggest outreach strategies has been to sponsor bloggers in the hopes of attracting some of their readers to Stack Exchange. The problem with that tactic is that most people will care way more about the…
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