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company November 9, 2011

SE Podcast #26

No guest today. Moot had to postpone his appearance on the show. But David Fullerton is here to hang out with us Jeff is packing up to go on an international trip. He’s going to Øredev in Malmö via Copenhagen and London on British Airways. He will take the train from Copenhagen to Malmö – good choice!…
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Former GM, Teams & Enterprise
community November 8, 2011

The Art of Organizing CHAOS

Three months ago, CHAOS was born unto this world. There were just three of us to begin with, and nobody had any clue what our team was supposed to be accomplishing. Well, that’s not completely true: from Joel’s blog post, we knew that our eventual goal was to grow the Stack Exchange communities past some…
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company November 3, 2011

The Best of Blog Overflow: October 2011

We here at Stack Exchange love our blogs. Blogs! The way our users can have all that fun that we don’t allow here. Not to mention that Jeff and Joel, and CHAOS all blog regularly. We’ve noticed that our site-specific blogs have some amazing content that just isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Maybe some…
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company November 3, 2011

People are basically good…right?

Some of you might recall that we’ve been reading Here Comes Everybody, by Clay Shirky. In Chapter 11, he talks about the nature of human behavior: “[People] are basically good, when they are in circumstances that reward goodness while restraining impulses to defect” (Shirky 284). Now, for most of us this feels obvious. It’s intuitive…
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company November 2, 2011

SE Podcast #25 – Mark Russinovich

This week’s guest is Mark Russinovich, from and now with Microsoft. Chatrooms are chaotic! Jeff mentions that lots of spaces need editorial oversight. A lot of good information is available, but it’s a hard to find it in the disorganizations. It’s a chronic problem. Mark and Joel talk about his command-line work. Mark had…
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uncategorized October 27, 2011

Stack Exchange – Bringing Writers and Fans Together!

Stack Exchange – Bringing Writers and Fans Together! If the dozen+ action figures on my desk here at StackHQ doesn’t give it away, I’m a pretty big comic book fan. Like, really big. Naturally I gravitated towards the Science Fiction & Fantasy site, where my abnormally high-levels of X-Men/Buffy/Star Wars adoration raise few-to-no eyebrows. I…
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company October 26, 2011

SE Podcast #24 – Eric Ries

Jeff & Joel are joined this week by Eric Ries, author and expert on The Lean Startup.  Topics for the chat include: Jeff Atwood is joining the podcast from his vacation. He has an announcement! He is having twins! In February! This will bring the total Atwood Child Count to 3, meaning they will outnumber…
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fitness October 24, 2011

Lessons from Event Sponsorships

After sponsoring the Rock ‘n’ Roll 10k on Saturday, there are a few lessons we learned that can probably be extended to most event sponsorships. First of all, it’s always good to get out and interact face to face with potential users. There is only so much you can do online, and it’s much easier to explain a site…
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company October 19, 2011

SE Podcast #23 – James Portnow

Our guest today is James Portnow of Extra Credits. We are also joined in the studio by David Fullerton. James Portnow is joining us! Extra Credits has been a thing for a few years. The idea struck back when James was working at Activision. He wanted to open up the conversation about game development and design to the consumer side, instead…
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background October 18, 2011

Welcome Valued Associate Peter Grace!

Peter Grace joins Stack Exchange as Sysadmin in the NYC Headquarters, expanding the System Administration team to 3 people.  George, Kyle and Pete are working hard to make sure our growing sites continue to make the internet a better place. Pete has been married to his lovely wife Kristy for eight years and they have…
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