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company October 17, 2011

Meet Bubbles (The Stack Exchange Mascot)

This past weekend, CHAOS was working the New York Comic Con (NYCC) here in New York City. It was kind of amazing. But CHAOS wasn’t the only one working hard this weekend…. Meet Bubbles, the Stack Exchange mascot! Some of you might recognize her from her cameo on the podcast video stream a few weeks…
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company October 12, 2011

SE Podcast #22 – Paul Biggar

Joel (but no Jeff) is joined this week by Paul Biggar (who Joel originally met when he was a DevDays London 2009 speaker about scripting languages).  Paul currently works at Mozilla, having come off his own (not that successful) Y Combinator startup. Paul’s least favorite scripting language of all time is PHP. Paul works in…
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stackexchange October 10, 2011

Questions. Do you have any?

  You do. I’ll bet like a bazillion bitcoins on it. You’re a human. You’re curious. You don’t know everything. You frequently use intonation at the end of your thoughts. Some questions previously brought to Stack Exchange: Are humans the best marathon runners on earth? No. Is there a use in the kitchen for salmon heads and spines? Yes. Are pedestrians…
community October 8, 2011

Improved Global Email Notifications

Our track record on email notifications has been mixed at best. Since early 2009, we’ve had some forms of email notification, including: A checkbox under each question you own, asking if you want email notifications for that specific question. A long since removed “oh, you’ve been away for 7 days, so we will mail you…
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background October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

I want to say a word about why we felt it was so important to honor Steve Jobs with a special system-wide message on Stack Overflow, a site for programmers, as well as our Apple-specific site, Ask Different. Remember, for a moment, the first Macintosh. A brilliant computer, but we programmers looked at it and…
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company October 5, 2011

SE Podcast #21 – David Fullerton & Jason Punyon

This week, Jeff & Joel are joined (in studio, no less) by David Fullerton, head of the NY Dev Department, and Jason Punyon, a developer here in the office.  Its a fast moving discussion covering all kinds of topics, like: Stack Exchange 1.0 (which gave users wanting their own Q&A site the Stack Exchange software,…
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api September 30, 2011

Stack Exchange API Usage Stats and API 2.0 Plans

Stack Exchange has a very full featured, albeit currently read-only, API. You can view some of the nifty applications people have created with the Stack Exchange API in the app gallery on Stack Apps, or check out the winners of the Stack Exchange API contest we held last year. We’re currently in the planning stages…
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uncategorized September 30, 2011

Minimum Viable Personality – we can has?

Words of wisdom from Fake Grimlock: CHICKEN LIVE IN CAGE. NO CAN HAVE PERSONALITY INSIDE CAGE. LAST STEP IS SMASH CAGE, LIGHT BARN ON FIRE. DO THAT, YOU WIN. Grimlock’s guest post on Fred Wilson’s blog is chock full of robo-monster speak goodness about the minimum viable personality of a company. This last step, quoted above,…
company September 28, 2011

SE Podcast #20 – John Siracusa

Joining Jeff & Joel this week is John Siracusa, writer for Ars Technica – he’s the one who introduced Macs to the Ars world (and apparently ended up converting their entire staff into Mac users). John didn’t know who Jeff was until the Stack Overflow Podcast started. (Pop quiz: What was the podcast called before…
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company September 27, 2011

Welcome Valued Associate Sean Gallagher

I’m very thrilled to announce that Sean Gallagher is joining us as an Art Director. He will be working out of our New York HQ. OK, that’s not Sean. This is Sean. The process of finding Sean did remind me of  the movie Seven Samurai, where the villagers were looking for aids. I’ve been looking for…
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