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company August 10, 2011

SE Podcast #15 – Michael Natkin

Joining Jeff and Joel this week is Michael Natkin, from our Cooking.SE site.  Michael is especially interesting because he is a computer programmer, but he doesn’t answer questions at Stack Overflow, only on the Cooking site (he’s our first guest to do so!) – he also writes over at Herbivoracious (which he started back in…
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careers August 10, 2011

Careers 2.0: It”s About Reputation, Not “Rep

I get an email like Arik‘s every day or two. He wrote: The problem I see is that Careers 2.0 give advantage to developers with high Stack Overflow statistics (which I guess was the point, showing that you know stuff). Unfortunately, SO succeeded so well, that practically no good question remained unanswered. Thus, gaining a…
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company August 10, 2011

Documenting DevDays 2011: #3 – More Speakers!

This Stack Overflow DevDays will be the best conference you’ll attend in 2011.  You’ll come away with in-depth knowledge of all the latest programming awesome like: Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, CoffeeScript, Cassandra, Hadoop, F#, UI design, Scalability and Performance.  Register today to ensure you won’t miss out on seeing these speakers and more! San Francisco, October…
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photography August 10, 2011

Everybody loves swag!

Even though we already have some awesome Stack Exchange merch for sale on our website, each of our sites is special. New sites graduate from beta on a regular basis (like Bicycles just the other day!), and they need their own swag. Right now, my domain is Photography. Everybody loves a t-shirt, sure, but we…
community August 9, 2011

Improved Tagging

Every Stack Exchange question is required to have at least one tag; tags are how we group, order, and find questions. But how do you determine which tags are correct for your question? When you start typing in the tags field we display a simple list of existing tags that match what you’ve typed so…
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community August 4, 2011

Supporting Community Conferences

One fun way to promote your community is to consider what upcoming conferences, seminars, conventions, events, or meetups appeal to your community and represent an opportunity to attract new, high quality users who love this stuff as much as we do! There are a bunch of ways the community team can support your events; to…
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company August 3, 2011

SE Podcast #14 – Miguel De Icaza

Miguel De Icaza joins Jeff & Joel this week to discuss everything from Miguel’s many projects to identity on the internet to playdates for toddlers.  Miguel is a force in the software world, having initiated and contributed to all kinds of products over the years – he’s also well known for being one of the…
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careers August 1, 2011

How to Write a Great Developer Job Listing

Among other things, we sell job listings through our Careers 2.0 service, and we thought it might be helpful to determine some of the factors that impact the success of a listing. So we crunched through 6 months of data and these are some of the things we found. On getting seen In order to…
company July 28, 2011

Stack Exchange Site Newsletters

Have you noticed the new ads appearing on all of the Stack Exchange sites? That’s right, despite a well-publicized aversion to email spam, we’ve added weekly newsletters to all Stack Exchange sites! The site newsletters are meant for all of those sites that you find interesting but aren’t quite addicted to enough to visit every…
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company July 27, 2011

SE Podcast #13 – Jin Yang

Jeff & Joel are joined this week by Jin Yang – our resident web/graphic designer here at Stack (the distinction between the two becomes a discussion point).  Once we get the proper picture of Jin in the chatroom, he relates everything from his background in design to how he ended up at Stack Exchange and…
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area51 July 27, 2011

Does this site have a chance of succeeding?

Anytime you find yourself answering the same question over and over and over and over … blog post time. This is that blog post. This cycle has repeated itself on more sites than I can remember — When a new community approaches the end of their beta period, users start looking forward to graduation. So…
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