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community June 23, 2011

Blog Overflow

Every Stack Exchange site starts with a Q&A site, made up of three pieces that help bring the whole community together:, the main Q&A site, questions about community and administrative matters, the third place for real-time collaborations But wait, there’s more? A couple months ago, the Super User community took it upon…
company June 22, 2011

SE Podcast #09

This week, Jeff and Joel are joined by Greg Wilson, an author, developer, and former university professor, who is also an expert on open source software development.  Once make it through the jokes and get his mic sounding great, we can jump in and explore all kinds of interesting topics, like: Everyone’s favorite Canadian airline?…
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Former GM, Teams & Enterprise
background June 21, 2011

Welcome Valued Associate Susan Stewart

Stack Exchange is starting to look like a Ponzi scheme. You start by creating the world’s largest Q&A site for programming, from which you find and hire of the best programmers on the planet to work on expanding our network, so we can attract and hire from the best community of users, bar none. That’s…
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Director of Community Development (former)
company June 16, 2011

SE Podcast #08

This week, Jeff and Joel are joined live “in studio” by Marco Arment, creator of Instapaper and formerly the lead developer at Tumblr.  This week’s topics include: What’s the proper numbering format for podcast episodes: decimal, binary, octal?  There’s also an extensive debate regarding whether Marco has ever been on the podcast: everyone but Joel…
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Former GM, Teams & Enterprise
careers June 15, 2011

CodePlex and other Gateway Drugs

We’ve added a bunch of new features to Careers 2.0 profiles. Based on popular demand, we have added CodePlex, Bitbucket, SourceForge and Google Code as open source hosts. (Plus an “other…” option for those we don’t explicitly support.) Already, over 2,500 people have added over 11,000 open source projects to their profiles! Gateway drugs We…
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Engineering Manager (former)
community June 13, 2011

Optimizing For Pearls, Not Sand

In March 2010, we rebalanced our reputation system to favor answers. While we value good questions (and asking a great question is absolutely an art), we want to explicitly encourage people to provide the best possible answers. Without people interested in providing good answers, the questions are moot. We know that answers have more intrinsic…
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community June 9, 2011

1,000,000th user!

Like most sites, it’s hard to figure out the number of users on Stack Exchange. The widest possible number is the number of unique visitors, most of whom just read our content and move on. That number is now around 19,000,000 according to Google Analytics or 14,000,000 according to Quantcast – the difference comes from…
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company June 8, 2011

SE Podcast #07

Jeff and Joel are joined by Sam Saffron (aka Waffles), our only Australian developer at Stack Exchange! Does “Hell Banning” — making a problematic user’s posts visible to just him or her — make sense? You can see Jeff’s post about it over on Coding Horror. When issues like this are presented to the community,…
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company June 1, 2011

SE Podcast #06

It’s our first test of a live podcast!  In case you missed it, we streamed this week’s podcast live during the taping. It’s something we’re playing with and may continue to do in the future if it is popular.  You can tune in to the live tapings Tuesdays @ 4 PM Eastern / 1 PM…
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Former GM, Teams & Enterprise
community May 31, 2011

Community Promotion Ads

You may have seen our vote-based advertising for open source projects on Stack Overflow — Stack Overflow users create ads for their favorite open source projects, and the community votes for the projects they’d like to see promoted on the site. In response to the popularity of that program, we’ve extended this vote based advertising…
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Director of Community Development (former)
community May 27, 2011

Stack Exchange is an OpenID Provider

If you’ve logged in to a Stack Exchange site recently you may have noticed a new button on the login page: That’s right — Stack Exchange is now officially an OpenID provider as well as an OpenID (and OAuth 2.0) consumer! As a provider, we can now offer a totally seamless signup experience for new…
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