Welcome Valued Associates Anna, Rachel, CarleeJean and Charles!

Anna Lear is joining the Stack Exchange Team as a Community Manager working remotely from Ontario Canada. Many of you may know or recognize her from her role as a Programmers moderator, and - most recently - Stack Overflow moderator. Anna is a software developer and a longtime SO user. In her spare time she writes code for fun, plays video games, occasionally acts on stage, and tries to carve out time to learn guitar as well.

Anna Lear

The Stack Overflow Careers Sales Team welcomes three new members to Stack Exchange’s NYC office!

Rachel Boyman was born & raised in Michigan. Rachel has a background in media and she loves to read books, magazines and newspapers the “old school” way. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys travelling, especially to Michigan games (Go Blue!), practicing yoga and exploring NYC.

Rachel Boyman

CarleeJean Cook originally hails from Denver, so needless to say she’s an avid skier. Although she’s quite cooped up in NYC’s concrete jungle, CarleeJean makes the most of her time indoors; she’s a conferences/professional events junkie and has taken courses to become a wine sommelier. During the summer months, CarleeJean loves living on the Jersey Shore.

CarleeJean Cook

New Jersey born and raised, Charles Bernoskie spent his college years in Washington D.C. playing baseball for Georgetown University. When he’s not at work or spending time outdoors, Charles loves reading reddit and also epic fantasy series novels. Charles is particular about his beverages, preferring black coffee and craft beers.

Charles Bernoskie

Welcome Anna, Rachel, CarleeJean and Charles!

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