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podcast November 9, 2012

SE Podcast #36 – We Got Hit by a Hurricane

So as you may have heard in the news, the east coast got hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy – in particular, our datacenter in Lower Manhattan was almost knocked entirely offline.  If not for the incredible efforts of Fog Creek Software, Squarespace, and Peer1 (the datacenter) there would have certainly been days of outages…
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Former GM, Teams & Enterprise
background November 2, 2012

Stack Exchange partners with Denver Startup Week

The Mile High City was buzzing last week as it hosted its first ever Denver Startup Week. With more than 80 events hosted by startups all around the city, the week attracted hundreds of entrepreneurs from the Colorado area. Since our Denver office just opened in August, this was a perfect time for us to…
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podcast October 29, 2012

SE Podcast #35 – A Biscuit Away from Jerry Stiller

Welcome to Stack Exchange podcast #35 with special guest Scott Hanselman. We also have your loyal cohosts, Jay Hanlon and David Fullerton. And Joel Spolsky? What exactly would Scott say that he does here? Scott Hanselman runs a podcast that doesn’t waste your time… unlike we have for the first nine minutes. Let’s talk about…
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company October 26, 2012

Take the Super User Windows 8 Challenge

Well, Windows 8 is finally available in the wild. Of course, developers have had access to it for quite a while – our ongoing Apptivate contest would be looking pretty sad otherwise. But now you can actually _buy _the upgrade for your home PC if you’re so inclined, or for your mom’s PC if you…
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podcast October 23, 2012

SE Podcast #34 – Kyle Brandt and Nick Craver

On the show this week are Kyle Brandt and Nick Craver, two SE employees who are heading up our systems upgrades and relocations – they’ll dish all kinds of details on our infrastructure, plus plenty of chat about other mildly relevant things. First up on the agenda: Quantcast! Five minutes before we started recording, we…
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background October 17, 2012

Our newest team members: Diandra, Robert, Adam, Nicole and Casey!

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re growing pretty quickly over here at Stack Exchange. But just because they’re last doesn’t mean they’re least – so say hello to our newest hires! Diandra Partridge, Office Manager Denver Diandra steps in as the office manager for our new Denver hub. A graduate of Amherst College, Diandra is happy to…
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podcast October 15, 2012

SE Podcast #33 – It”s Back!

It’s Back! Welcome to episode #33 of the Stack Exchange podcast.  We’ve got a brand new co-host (Jay Hanlon, our new VP of Community Growth) plus our guest this week is David Fullerton, VP of Engineering at Stack Exchange. So what’s new in the seven months since our last podcast? Check out the new and…
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company October 9, 2012

Stack Overflow Data Visualization Contest

We all know everyone loves pretty pictures, chock full of graph-y goodness. You probably also know that about two months ago we started the Stack Overflow Machine Learning Contest, and that it’s now winding down.  All models have been (or will shortly be) committed, and we’re starting to gather data for the final judgement. What you may…
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careers October 1, 2012

Join the Stack Exchange team – we’re hiring!

We’re growing like crazy! Between launching exciting new sites, developing new features and promotions for existing ones, and branching out geographically, Stack Exchange can use all the help it can get – so we’re currently hiring for seven (7!) different positions, from developers to designers to sales to… well, just look at the list yourself:…
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company September 26, 2012 A Windows 8 App Development Contest

Windows 8 officially launches on October 26th, and it’s already generating quite a few questions on Stack Overflow.  So when Microsoft approached us about sponsoring an app development contest, we thought it was a great idea. Today we’re announcing, a Windows 8 App Development Contest sponsored by Microsoft. The contest has two parts: A…
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