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background February 10, 2012

2012 Stack Overflow User Survey Results

In December 2011, we launched the 3rd ever Stack Overflow Annual User Survey to measure changes in user demographics and trends from last year.  First, a big thank you to everyone who participated, and now on to the results! View the survey results Demographics Let’s start off with some basic demographics: the majority (50.3%) of…
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Director of Marketing (former)
community February 8, 2012

Stack Exchange Keyboard Shortcuts

Scott Hanselman’s article about keyboard shortcuts and web sites reminded me that I inexplicably forgot to blog about our very own totally awesome set of keyboard shortcuts for Stack Exchange! While we haven’t yet integrated keyboard shortcuts into the core site, the Stack Exchange Official Keyboard Shortcuts browser script is explicitly supported and actively maintained…
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Co-Founder (Former)
company February 7, 2012


Stack Exchange co-founder Jeff Atwood announced that he is leaving the company to spend more time with his family, including his twin daughters Maisie Jane (5lb2oz) and June Adeline (5lb 7oz) who celebrated their 0th birthday (and joined Twitter) last Friday, to the great joy of their parents. It has been a great honor for…
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Co-founder & Former Chairman of the Board
api February 3, 2012

Stack Exchange API V2.0 No Longer Beta

We’ve spent the last month polishing V2.0 of the Stack Exchange API in a public beta, and I’m happy to announce its final release.  Kudos to those who have reported bugs, and made quality suggestions during the beta. At this point the interface to V2.0 is frozen, only bug fixes and performance improvements will be…
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Team Lead, Data - Former
community January 31, 2012

The Trouble With Popularity

Way back in 2008, we had Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman, the founders and co-creators of Reddit, on the Stack Overflow podcast. We chatted about a bunch of stuff, but one of the things they said that always stuck with me was that Reddit always took an explicitly hands-off, no moderation approach to their content…
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background January 26, 2012

Welcome Valued Associates Anna, Rachel, CarleeJean and Charles!

Anna Lear is joining the Stack Exchange Team as a Community Manager working remotely from Ontario Canada. Many of you may know or recognize her from her role as a Programmers moderator, and – most recently – Stack Overflow moderator. Anna is a software developer and a longtime SO user. In her spare time she…
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community January 16, 2012

State of the Stack 2011 (a message from your CEO)

2011 was another year of fantastic growth at Stack Exchange. We continued our tradition of doubling every year, going from 16 million to over 32 million monthly visitors. We added 42 new sites, bringing us to a grand total of 78. We hired 22 new employees, and raised another $12 million in venture capital, some…
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Co-founder & Former Chairman of the Board
cc-wiki-dump January 16, 2012

Stack Exchange Data Explorer 2.0

It has been a year and a half since we launched Data Explorer. In the past few months Tim Stone (on a community grant) and I have pushed a major round of changes. Thanks Tim! Recap on last years changes Since we publicly launched data explorer, the most notable change contributed back from the community…
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Developer (Former)
contests January 5, 2012

Hot Topics: A Contest Formula that Works

CHAOS has been searching for the perfect way to promote activity on our sites for a while now. After all, before you can try to recruit new users, you need to engage your existing community. Since we’re a network of Q&A websites, a natural place to start is having question-asking contests. Some of our contests…
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