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podcast May 14, 2013

Podcast #47 – Do You Even Twitter Bro?

We’re Back!  It’s been a while since our last podcast (why you ask – listen to find out!) but we’re back now and “stronger” than ever.  It’s Joel, David and Jay (plus producer Alex and Abby) coming to you from the brand new SE Podcast Studio (check out the picture below) News of the day:…
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Former GM, Teams & Enterprise
company April 25, 2013

Get to know the new Stack employees

It seems like just two months ago (OK, it was exactly two months ago) that I announced our last batch of new hires.  Today I’m pleased to introduce our newest employees.  There are TEN of them … so get comfy and prepare to learn all about our latest hires, who seem to have an overall…
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Director, People Team (former)
careers April 15, 2013

Introducing our Careers 2.0 Employer Resource Center

When we launched Careers 2.0 back in 2011, we set out with a goal: make the job search process better for the millions of programmers who visit our site every month. Part of achieving this goal is educating employers about what you want from them. In the past, our annual user survey helped us help…
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podcast March 27, 2013

Podcast #46 – The Podcast That Sounds Dirty But Isn”t

Our guest this week (after she joins a bit late) is Zuly Gonzalez – Stack Exchange moderator and power user.  As usual, we also have David Fullerton, Jay Hanlon, Joel Spolsky and (Fake) Producer Alex! Things are a mess over here, not just because we have to remember to stop masticating long enough to talk…
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Former GM, Teams & Enterprise
podcast March 18, 2013

Podcast #45 – Keeping it Sharp

Our guest this week is Eric Lippert – language architect extraordinaire and famous for all his work at Microsoft in developing their languages Eric joined Microsoft right out of college and was originally working on VB It’s time for everyone’s favorite game: Name the Worst Feature of that Microsoft Technology! If you’re a non-programmer and…
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community March 8, 2013

VOTE NOW in the 2013 Stack Overflow Moderator Election

It’s time once again to cast your vote for the next Stack Overflow moderators. The primaries have just ended, and the top ten candidates can be found here: Why more moderators? We’re running the election now (rather than a year from the last election in June) because veteran moderator Tim Post is stepping down…
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podcast March 6, 2013

Podcast #44 – This Should Have Been #43

Welcome Back!  Our guest today is the one and only Robert Scoble – blogger and video maker extraordinaire.  He’s joined by the usual Stack Exchange crew for a packed hour of fun. Robert is a geek who gets around and meets startups and tech innovators. He’s calling from Flipboard‘s headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. Joel wonders…
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background February 25, 2013

Max, Oded, Wendy, Val, Shefali, and Mike: Welcome to the Family!

We’ve been busy hiring more of the most talented people on the planet! Three cheers for the newest employees at Stack Exchange: Max Horstmann, Web Developer (Careers 2.0) New York __Max joins Stack Exchange as a developer on the Careers team. Originally from Denzlingen, Germany, he previously worked on the Windows team at Microsoft. On…
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podcast February 21, 2013

Podcast #43 – False Facts & Blood Feuds

Welcome to Stack Exchange Podcast #43 with Joel Spolsky, Jay Hanlon, David Fullerton, and special guest Alexis Ohanian, calling in from the Tutorspree office. Alexis is the co-founder of Reddit and an investor in Hipmunk. He’s a strong advocate against SOPA and PIPA, and knows how to dress well while doing so, thanks to Joel. (Listen on to figure out what…
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podcast February 5, 2013

Podcast #42 – It”s The Exception That Proves The Rule

Welcome to Stack Exchange Podcast #42 – it’s our usual gang back this week with Joel, Jay, David, and Producer Alex.  There’s plenty of inside baseball, so put on your rally caps and make sure to stick it through to the end! David Mamet, apparently. Jay was a drama major. Michael forgot to pay the…
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background February 1, 2013

Why We (Still) Believe in Working Remotely

It’s 2013, almost three years after we first raised money and started growing beyond the first four employees. At the time, Jeff wrote a great blog post about working remotely, basically laying out our plan for how we were going to make it work. Now we’re a few years in and it’s time to update…
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