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background December 24, 2014

Stack Exchange Gives Back 2014

There are few things that make me more proud to be part of the Stack Exchange community than the outpouring of good will that comes during our “Giving Back” program. Each year we set this time aside to remember the organizations and people who need our help by offering to make a $100 donation to…
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Director of Community Development (former)
community December 16, 2014

Stack Overflowへようこそ

Hi English-language readers! This blog post is not for you; perhaps you’d like a hat instead? No? Well, when last we spoke of creating non-English versions of Stack Overflow, some of you were certain we should’ve gone the easy route and just leveraged a machine translation service instead of creating real sites for real people to use.…
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Community Manager (Former)
community December 15, 2014

Winter Bash 2014

There is no better antidote, at least for the worst hours and eclipses of the soul, than to conjure up…serious frivolity. Friedrich Nietzsche What’s Winter Bash again? No, it’s not a new flavor of Unix shell. Rather, Winter Bash is an ancient tradition of Stack Exchange. (2011 is ancient according to Internet time.) Here’s how…
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Community Manager (former)
podcast November 25, 2014

Podcast #61 – The “What Jay”s Done Wrong” Podcast

Welcome to the 61st installment of the Stack Exchange Podcast, brought to you by okra (yes, that okra). On our show today are David Fullerton, Jay Hanlon, and Joel Spolsky. It’s been a long time since we last did a podcast, so let’s get started. First point of business: we have an iPad app! It’s got a snazzier feed…
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Director of Community Management - Former
community November 11, 2014

Announcing Bosun, our new open source monitoring & alerting system

If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason. Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handey A big part of scaling up an engineering team is getting serious about monitoring and alerts. A good monitoring system collects data from all of…
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President and Chief Technology Officer (former)
community October 7, 2014

Editing is essential: new badges and review enhancements

We rolled out three new badges last week! These recognize a pattern that sets Stack Exchange apart from the forums and message boards that came before it: answering and editing questions, the ability to not only write an answer that can be useful beyond the immediate asker but also re-write the question such that it…
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Community Manager (former)
engineering September 17, 2014

I Can Powershell and So Can You!

Often automating a task is not worth the time and rarely takes the time planned. At StackExchange we have lots of people on our team and in our community who are amazing at Powershell. I am not one of those people. Is it possible to save time using Powershell, even if you’re not a guru?…
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Internal Support Engineer
community September 16, 2014

Introducing Runnable JavaScript, CSS, and HTML Code Snippets

On Stack Overflow and our other code-related sites, creating a minimal, complete, and verifiable example is the best way to get an answer to your question. We’ve always loved JSFiddle and sites like it because they let both askers and answerers reference runnable, working code that demonstrates their problem or solution. Unfortunately, the use of these…
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Engineering Manager
background July 23, 2014

Please welcome jmac, Community Manager of the Rising Sun

As Stack Exchange continues to expand to serve new audiences, we’re constantly on the lookout for folks who can take the principles and practices we all hold dear and communicate them effectively to the folks who would otherwise find them strange and difficult. I’m happy to announce we’ve found another of these rare specimens in…
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Community Manager (former)
podcast July 16, 2014

Podcast #60 – Are We That Predictable?

Welcome to Stack Exchange Podcast episode number 60, brought to you by The National Pepperjack Cheese Council. Your hosts today are Joel Spolsky, Jay Hanlon, and David Fullerton (aka Fake Producer Abby). We’ll jump right into things with Community Milestones, but we promise to make them quick. Puzzling is now in public beta, and it’s about puzzles.…
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Director of Community Management - Former