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background February 19, 2014

2014 Stack Overflow User Survey Results

In 2013, our Stack Overflow community grew from 21.5 million to 26.9 million monthly visitors from 242 countries around the world. We’re doing a lot to keep growing with the community — we now have localized versions of Careers 2.0 for French and German audiences, we’re developing iOS and Android mobile apps for our entire…
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Director of Marketing (former)
community February 13, 2014

Can’t We All be Reasonable and Speak English?

Two weeks ago, we announced the public launch of Stack Overflow in Portuguese, our first-ever non-English Stack Overflow community. Which raises one very obvious question: Have we lost our minds? Wasn’t the whole point of Stack Overflow to aggregate as much developer knowledge as possible in one place? To get all the potential solutions together,…
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EVP of Culture and Experience (former)
api February 10, 2014

Stack Exchange API V2.2 – and the demise of V1.x

There’s been a lot of excitement lately here at Stack Exchange, what with the launch of our Android app and the start of our iOS app alpha. A few sharp-eyed users noticed, hidden deep within each app, a new version of the Stack Exchange API. After a few more weeks of testing I’m happy to…
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Team Lead, Data - Former
community January 29, 2014

Olá, Mundo! Announcing Stack Overflow in Portuguese.

If you can’t read the rest of this post, it’s because I’m not talking to you. Which is a little weird, since I can’t even read this without help from our Brazilian Community Manager, Gabe, who’s been kind enough to help me write this in Portuguese. Depois de semanas em beta privado, nós temos o…
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EVP of Culture and Experience (former)
culture January 28, 2014

My First Six Weeks Working at Stack Overflow

I started working at Stack Exchange (which many know for/as Stack Overflow) as a software developer just six weeks ago. This (lengthy) post is about a number of things: what it was like relearning a lot of what I know about web development, the challenges and resources I encountered doing so, and a few pointers…
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Engineering Manager, Public Platform
company January 27, 2014

Stack Exchange for Android is here!

This mobile thing will never last, right? We figured if we waited long enough, this whole “mobile application” thing would blow over and everything would go back to the way it used to be. You know, when phones were for calling people, and computers were for typing long, angry rants about how things aren’t the…
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President and Chief Technology Officer (former)
community January 3, 2014

Winter Bash 2013 Wrap-Up

Another holiday season has drawn to a close. We’ve had three glorious weeks with our beloved hats. Now as we pack away the tinsel and the party horns, it’s time to put the hats back in their boxes for another year. Before we move on to 2014 with our bare heads (and our full hearts),…
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Director of Community Management - Former