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podcast October 17, 2016

Stack Overflow Podcast #91 – Can You Stump Nick Craver?

Welcome to The Stack Overflow Podcast #91, recorded Tuesday, October 11 at Stack Overflow headquarters in NYC. Today’s episode is brought to you by Sukkot, also known as the Feast of Tabernacles. (חג סוכות שמח) Sukkot is the Jewish holiday where you have to eat and sleep in a temporary hut that you build in…
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Operations Manager (former)
code-for-a-living October 11, 2016

Developers: Trash Your Resumes

Last week we wrote about whether a college degree is a necessity for a developer in today’s market. We came to the conclusion that what you can do is more important than how many framed diplomas you can hang on the wall, and the most important thing you can to do make yourself hireable as…
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Podcast Orange
podcast October 11, 2016

Stack Overflow Podcast # 90 – Developer Stories, Charger Butts, and Joel’s Tiny Hands

Welcome to The Stack Overflow Podcast #90, recorded October 3 at Stack Overflow Headquarters in NYC. This week’s podcast is brought to you by the QWERTY keyboard: “Since 1878, it’s not so bad!” Enough said. The podcast is also brought to you by Thinkful. Thinkful provides coding education with one-on-one mentorship. Rated #1 Coding Bootcamp…
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code-for-a-living October 7, 2016

Do Developers Need College Degrees?

Do developers need college degrees? Just a generation ago, it was a given that a college degree was the best way to maximize the likelihood of securing a high-paying job in the field of your choice. But the world has changed, and more and more you hear of successful developers who never earned a degree,…
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company October 6, 2016

International Salaries at Stack Overflow

We got a great response to the initial publication of our salary calculator in July – over 100,000 people tried it out just in the first few days. Today we shipped an update to the calculator, which includes: International salaries Two new positions: Creative Director and Data Scientist 2016 market adjustment Skills now have a…
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company October 5, 2016

El estado de Stack Overflow en español

Imaginen una comunidad en línea llena de gente, ideas, y posibilidades. Un lugar donde los usuarios vienen a ayudarse los unos a los otros para compartir su interés en algo que es muy importante para sus vidas. Imaginen una comunidad que se convierte en parte de la rutina diaria y ayuda a cada miembro a…
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company October 4, 2016

Estado da Pilha Internacional – Outubro/2016

Imagine uma comunidade online, repleta de pessoas, ideias e possibilidades. Um lugar onde pessoas se encontram, para ajudar umas às outras e dividir seu interesse em algo muito importante em suas vidas. Imagine esse lugar se tornando parte da rotina de cada membro, contribuindo para que eles aprendam mais sobre algo que eles adoram fazer.…
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podcast October 3, 2016

Stack Overflow Podcast #89 – The Decline of Stack Overflow Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Welcome to The Stack Overflow (yes Overflow, listen to last week!) Podcast #89, recorded September 27 at Stack Overflow headquarters in NYC. This week’s installment is brought to you by Inuktitut, the premiere language of the arctic and one of Nunavut’s three official languages (Umiaryuap Publimaaqpaga tattaurniq ammayaq!) as well as National Voter Registration Day.…
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careers September 28, 2016

Is an Early Stage Startup Right for You?

Chances are you’ve thought about going to work for a startup. If you’re in software, you’re surrounded by startup chatter. Who’s hot, who’s funded, who’s the next Twilio. Maybe you’ve fielded an offer or two from startups sure they’re about to be the next Silicon Valley unicorn. Or maybe you haven’t, but you’d like to.…
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