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company December 27, 2017

Stack Overflow Gives Back 2017

One of the most lasting gestures of philanthropy is when folks give so generously of their time and hard-earned knowledge so that others may benefit from their efforts. 2017 marked the year we saw Stack Overflow surpass 15 million questions and almost 4 million more across the network. But this year also marked another milestone…
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international December 12, 2017

Winter Bash 2017: Greatest Hits Hats!

As temperaturas no hemisfério Norte estão a baixar e o ano-novo do calendário gregoriano aproxima-se. Pelo Stack Overflow e pela rede do Stack Exchange fora, milhares de orelhas de avatares vão ficando frias. É a temporada de as aquecer… com chapéus! Mas não uns chapéus quaisquer: em celebração do 6º aniversário do Winter Bash [1],…
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espanol December 12, 2017

Winter Bash 2017: Greatest Hits Hats!

Las temperaturas en el hemisferio norte siguen bajando y el fin del año gregoriano se aproxima.  A través de la red de Stack Overflow y Stack Exchange, miles de orejas de los avatares se enfrían. Es la temporada de calentarse…¡con los sombreros! Pero no con cualquier sombrero: en celebración del sexto aniversario de Winter Bash[1] algunos…
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Manager, Community Management Team - Former
community December 12, 2017

Winter Bash 2017: Greatest Hits Hats!

The Northern Hemisphere temperatures are dropping and the Gregorian New Year draws close. Across Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network, thousands of avatars’ ears grow chilly. It’s the season to warm them up… with hats! But not just any hats: in celebration of the 6th anniversary of Winter Bash¹, some of the most beloved…
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espanol December 5, 2017

El estado de Stack Overflow en español: Noviembre 2017

Nos acercamos al final del año pero antes de llegar ahí necesitamos visitar lo que ocurrió este noviembre.  ¡Aquí algunos numeritos interesantes! Felicidades a estos usuarios por ser mencionados en nuestro estado de Stack Overflow en español. L0s 5 usuarios con la cantidad más grande de respuestas aceptadas: sstan – 66 respuestas Camilo Vasquez – 56 respuestas A.…
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company December 4, 2017

How We’re Designing Channels

This post refers to “Channels”, a product which is now called “Teams.” This post is part of a series on how we’re making Channels, the thinking behind the product, and insight into the process. We’ve got smart people working on smart solutions, and continue looking to the community and alpha/beta testers as we iterate toward launch. Read…
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code-for-a-living November 16, 2017

How Developers Can Build SQL Skills

First introduced in the early 1970s, SQL (Standardized Query Language) was initially used by IBM to maintain its database management system. Fast forward to today, and SQL is the standard language for most relational database management systems. It’s the fundamental programming language used to update, retrieve, and work with data, which is why virtually everybody…
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podcast November 13, 2017

Podcast # 121 – Another Ducking Episode

Welcome to the Stack Overflow Podcast episode #121 recorded Thursday, November 9, 2017 at Stack Overflow HQ in NYC. Today’s crew includes VP of Stack Overflow Jay Hanlon, CTO David Fullerton, News Editor Ilana Yitzhaki, SO Engineering Manager Matt Sherman, and me, Producer Jess. Joel is away getting fitted for gutter-drains and tap dancing shoes!…
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company November 9, 2017

Why Channels?

This post refers to “Channels”, a product which is now called “Teams.” As we continue to work on Channels, we wanted to share with you our vision, the thinking behind the product and its intricacies, and insight into the process behind developing it. Not all product problems have been solved, and we hope that we can…
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