Stack Overflow Official App launches on both iOS and Android

Shakespeare famously wrote that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet … but, alas! ‘tis not so for mobile apps. At least not the Stack Exchange mobile app that we launched back in 2014. Without that sweet Stack Overflow name, some of you never discovered that you could use it to view, answer, post and vote on Stack Overflow questions.

So we just launched the new Stack Overflow Official App that lets you … (drumroll, please) … view, answer, post and vote on Stack Overflow questions. Both iOS and Android versions are now available for download. The Android app is currently in beta. All of the functionality is working, but we are making small tweaks to the user interface.

Download Stack Overflow app on the App Store     

Fret not if you already have the Stack Exchange app

For now, the two apps have nearly identical functionality.

The new Stack Overflow app has one key difference: It only contains Stack Overflow questions and answers. The existing Stack Exchange app covers our network of more than 170 communities — including Stack Overflow. So, if you are a power user who actively participates in multiple Stack Exchange sites, you may want to keep it on your phone to continue seeing all of your Q&A in one place.

If you decide to download both apps, your notifications will be split between the two. Your Stack Overflow notifications will appear in the Stack Overflow app, and all other Stack Exchange notifications will appear in the Stack Exchange app.

What the new Stack Overflow app lets you do

  • Read, ask, answer, comment, flag and vote on questions.
  • Get a push notification when someone answers or comments on your question. Anything that would trigger a Stack Overflow inbox message triggers an app notification. As always, you can easily turn notifications on and off via settings.
  • Search and filter by active, newest, votes and more.
  • Draft questions on the go, even when you’re offline. Markdown tools make it easy to add images and code blocks.
  • Get back to good questions with a browsing-history view that lists questions you’ve recently looked at.

Got feedback?

To report bugs or request features, visit Meta.

>> Give Android feedback

>> Give iOS feedback

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Anita Taylor
Growth Marketing Manager

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  1. Windows phones will still be missing out?

    1. Jan Dvořák says:

      Windows ph… oh, yeah, I even forgot these things still exist :-/ Sorry!

    2. Mike Cattle says:

      Unfortunately. Here’s hoping for a Windows 10 Universal app, that’ll be useful for all Win10 computers, including phones.

      1. but what if there’s no windows phone questions because they don’t have an app? 😉

  2. Rubberduck VBA says:

    So… does this means Android app gets HATS this year? Is the SE app going to die? If not, is the SE app getting HATS as well? If I uninstall SE app and use the SO app instead, do I still get SE & SE chat notifications?

    1. Anita Taylor says:

      The Android app might get hats, especially since the SO app uses vector graphics, the same image format as the Winter Bash hats. There are no plans to kill the SE app. If you have both apps installed, the push notifications will be split between the two. If you have one installed, it’ll get all your network notifications.

  3. mrSundquist says:

    Does using the app contribute toward the Enthusiast and Fanatic badges?

    1. Madara Uchiha says:

      Yes, those are counted server-side.

    2. Anita Taylor says:

      Yes, usage of the SO app, just like usage of the SE app, counts as usage towards those badges. (They’re the “visited 30 days in a row” ones.)

    3. Yahav Burstein says:

      You even get special hats during Winterbash for using the app, if that motivates you.

  4. .NET developers at StackOverflow should definitely take care of Win Phones 😉

    1. Microsoft is already taking care of Windows Phone by gradually getting each and every WP user upset at their device and the company for making promises they don’t deliver on, and making them switch to other platforms in the process.

  5. This is like advertising a phone that does nothing but text messages. That’s supposed to be a *good* thing?

    1. Yahav Burstein says:

      But hey, it’s a **Stack Overflow** phone! 😉

  6. Thunderforge says:

    The reason I didn’t download the Stack Exchange app wasn’t because it lacked “that sweet Stack Overflow name”, it was because I saw plenty of meta posts requesting basic features like review queues and complaining that it was inferior even to the mobile site. Releasing a new app that has the Stack Overflow name, yet still lacks all these improvements isn’t enough to bring me to download it.

    The highly negative response from the Meta Stack Overflow announcement shows that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

  7. nomanbugti says:


  8. MongoMove says:

    Why? This is silly. You have StackExchange app that covers all communities. Why do you need a separate app for just StackOverflow?

  9. Chris Carver says:

    Ok? You’re really out of touch your userbase Anita. Fix the Stack Exchange​ app.

    “some of you never discovered” citation needed, weasel words

    Stack Exchange is the first result when you search for Stack Overflow. You know why “some people” might not get it? Because you use a sales slogan “Expert answers to your questions.” As your single line descriptor instead of filling that space with something relevant like “Official app for Stack Overflow, Super User and other Stack Exchange sites”

    Instead you take a bad play from Google’s​ playbook, and decide that you too will try your hand at fragmentation.

    Stop wasting time and resources on an entirely unnecessary app and use those resources to address to numerous issues with the Stack Exchange app.

    How you got this little waste of time greenlit.. who knows

    1. To put the “time and resources” into perspective, a quote from Kasra:

      We’ve been working full time on the SO app since last June

      That’s inordinate for something so poor, as the SE app (which includes SO) flounders. I think my views are well represented by those I upvoted on the MSO discussion, and very interesting that the only link to the MSO discussion was provided in a comment and nowhere in this actual blog post — perhaps that’s something to do with how the MSO post has received hundreds of downvotes.

  10. Khanh Huynh Tran says:

    I am pretty happy with my mobile’s Chrome app where I just type the URL and can see the page quicker than the Stack Exchange app. Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange app is a silly idea.

    > Shakespeare famously wrote that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet
    Yeah, he’s correct. Listen to him.

  11. Médéric Burlet says:

    When I try to connect with my Stack Overflow account it says my Email isn’t valid but that’s the one in my profile.

    1. Anita Taylor says:

      Mederic, sorry that you are having technical problems. Please use the Android ( or iOS ( feedback links to report your tech issue on Meta. I don’t have direct access to your account and can’t help you troubleshoot, but the team that monitors Meta can.

  12. tong zhang says:


  13. Mohammad Arman says:

    New app looks amazing. Big thumbs up for the team.

  14. Timo Treichel says:

    how can i log into it using facebook????

  15. Amin Hassanlou says:

    Good job!

  16. Has this app been taken down from Android. I cant seem to find it

  17. I can’t find the app on the playstore anymore 🙁

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