5 Great Podcasts for Developers


The podcasting industry is booming, and that’s great news for podcast lovers and anyone who likes to listen to content on the go. According to recent data, 42 million Americans listen to podcasts each week, spurring creation of more and more audio shows hosted by people eager to get in on the wave. It seems like there’s a podcast for everyone these days, talking about everything from news and sports, to sharing short stories and fiction. There are plenty of great podcasts out there on all things development and coding, too, to help offer tips, news, and inspiration to developers.

Interested in tuning in to hear the latest trends and conversation in the development community? Here are five great coding podcasts to check out.

1. CodeNewbie

CodeNewbie is a weekly podcast hosted by Saron Yitbarek that features interviews with developers at all stages of their careers, operating in a diverse array of tech roles. Presenting conversations on “Intro to Data Science” and “Getting into Hardware,” this podcast is great for newer coders looking to learn about all the development careers available today.

2. Developer Tea

Don’t have a lot of time, but want to catch up on what’s new in development? Presented by Spec and hosted by Jonathan Cutrell, director of technology at Whiteboard, Developer Tea breaks down the news you need to know in under 10 minutes (or, during your tea or coffee break). Cutrell weaves listener questions in with personal news, interviews, and coding career advice during his show, which releases new episodes every two to three days.

3. Stack Overflow Podcast

You’re already listening to this one, right? The Stack Overflow Podcast features interviews with leaders in the development world, including top CTOs and CEOs, and discusses what’s new in the space as well as what common challenges coders are encountering. This candid and often humorous podcast is hosted by Stack’s own Joel Spolsky, Jay Hanlon, David Fullerton and Ilana Yitzhaki, who weigh in on development issues and new tech from an expert perspective as the stakeholders of the web’s leading developer community. Check out our latest episode here, featuring Saron Yitbarek of CodeNewbie (#1 on this list).

4. Software Engineering Daily

Hosted by Jeff Meyerson, Software Engineering Daily is released every day and focuses on heavily technical concerns and aspects of coding and software development. Recent episodes have covered topics ranging from cryptocurrencies and react native interfaces to video object segmentation and artificial intelligence. This podcast is great for developers who are looking to learn about more complicated industry subjects to help expand their knowledge base.

5. ShopTalk

ShopTalk is a live internet radio show (that’s later archived and available as a podcast) hosted by Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert. The weekly show mainly focuses on front end web design and user experience. The hosts typically bring on one or more guests to help them “talk shop” about various topics related to coding and development. ShopTalk’s hosts also often answer listener-submitted questions, creating a sense of community for those who have tuned in live.


These are just a few of the dozens upon dozens of podcasts about coding and software development available across iTunes, SoundCloud, and other podcast hosting platforms. As podcast consumption continues to trend upwards in the coming years, there will no doubt be even more options available for developers to choose from. If you after looking around at shows you still can’t find one that appeals to you, maybe it’s time to consider starting your own podcast. It’s a good way to build your personal brand online and cement yourself as an authority within the online developer community. It’ll also look great on your resume or Developer Story.

What are your favorite development podcasts? Tell us in the comments.

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Alyssa Mazzina
Content Writer, Developer Marketing
Alyssa is a Content Writer at Stack Overflow where she writes for the Code for a Living blog, helping developers make the most of their careers. She lives in California, in a house filled with kids and dogs.

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  • Elliott Beach

    Great article, thanks! Compared to the heavyweights on this list, it’s easy to get mired in lower-quality podcasts. CodeNewbie and the StackOverflow podcast are really good.

  • Andrew Diamond

    No Coding Blocks!?!

    • Seconded…but I’m a bit biased! 😉

    • Jessie Groot

      Coding Blocks is definitely my favorite! Awesome hosts, fantastic topics, and an excellent community!

    • Seconded as well.
      I really enjoy listening to Coding Blocks podcast

    • gespiton “sady” free

      love this one

  • Giovanni Di Milia

    Also Python.__init__