auckland new zealand

4 Companies in the World’s Happiest Cities Hiring Right Now

auckland new zealand

Everyone wants to work at a company with great benefits, work-life balance, and growth opportunities. But, as important as the work environment is, life happens outside the office. Factors like the stress level of the commute, amount of pollution in the air, and sense of safety in the area all contribute in major ways to your overall satisfaction both at work and outside of it. Fortunately, Mercer’s 2017 quality of living rankings came out a few months ago. So, here’s a list of companies hiring developers right now — in four of the happiest cities in the world.

1. Mega (Auckland, New Zealand)

Mega’s tagline is “the privacy company.” The Auckland-based data encryption company believes in end-to-end data encryption for everyone, and is currently hiring for several roles, including software developer/tester, systems administrator, and senior/lead developer.

Auckland came third in the list of 450 cities. So, what makes Auckland such a great place to live? The New Zealand hub has a balanced economy, a picturesque, pastoral environment (think world-famous beaches) with all the conveniences of a metropolis, and provides a sense of community for residents.

View open positions at Mega here.

2. Wagawin GmbH (Munich, Germany)

Many developers never outgrow their love for a great video game, and Wagawin GmbH lets you turn that passion into a full-time job. The company uses audience targeting and a personalized approach to pioneer change in the mobile games sector. They’re currently seeking a mid-senior level Java backend developer and optimizer—and they’ll pay for relocation.

If that’s not enough of a draw, Munich’s number four ranking on the list of happiest cities just might be. Munich hosts one of the world’s most famous parties, Oktoberfest, every year. But the other 11 months, it’s still beloved by its 1.5 million citizens—its football teams are absurdly beloved, the cleanliness and elegance of the city can hardly be overestimated and, of course, the beer is great all year round.

View Wagawin GmbH’s open roles here.

3. Drooms GmbH (Frankfurt, Germany)

It seems they’re doing something right in Deutschland, because Frankfurt, Germany made the seventh spot on Mercer’s list. Drooms, a secure cloud solutions company, has grown from two to nearly a hundred people in its 15 year lifespan. Their software facilitates secure access to and exchange of confidential documents, and they’re looking for a mid-senior level iOS developer.

So, how does Frankfurt stack up to these other wanderlust-inspiring cities? Well, Frankfurt and Munich tied for first place in the rankings for best infrastructure, globally. Frankfurt’s airport hub and intercity transport both have top ratings for travel convenience. On top of that, the city has little to no gun-related violence, excellent art galleries and other opportunities for cultural enrichment, and incredibly high rates of LGBT equality.

Explore open positions at Drooms GmbH here.

4. Top Hat (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Top Hat is an interactive, cloud-based teaching platform that supports teachers in engaging students both in the classroom and remotely. The mid-sized team (between 200-500 people) was named Canadian StartUp of the year in 2016, and is looking for a senior Android Developer, a full stack developer, and a senior platform developer to join their team. Nearly every role at Top Hat comes with the possibility of equity, visa sponsorship, or paid relocation.

But what of the city itself? Well, Vancouver ranked fifth on the global list for quality of living, and it’s easy to see why. Vancouver’s health care system is one of the best in the world, it ranked in the 87th percentile for traffic/commute and the 99th percentile for travel connectivity, and it’s rich with historical sites as well as sports and entertainment venues. Oh, and the median rent for a large apartment is $1500 per month. It might actually be harder to find a reason not to move there.

Check out what Top Hat is hiring for here.

These are just four companies hiring in four of the world’s happiest cities, but we’ve made it easy for you to search for jobs by city any time. A quick search for jobs in Amsterdam, for example, brings up over 130 results. And don’t forget all the remote jobs available, leaving you the option of moving to any of the world’s happiest cities and taking your job with you!


Alyssa Mazzina
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