Father At Home Sitting And Holding Newborn Baby Son

5 Tech Companies With Great Parental Leave Policies

Father At Home Sitting And Holding Newborn Baby Son

When developers are deciding between job offers, they’ll weigh factors such as salary, growth potential, and work benefits. One important benefit for developers on the cusp of starting families will be the opportunity to take paid parental leave.

This policy is not guaranteed from company to company or even state to state. In fact, the U.S. is one of 41 countries around the world that doesn’t mandate paid parental leave for new parents. Of the countries that do, the law requires new parents to take, at a minimum, two paid weeks off. Because U.S. companies are not mandated by law to offer paid parental leave, it’s important to understand the industry standard, and, if you’re planning on starting a family, to research your company or prospective company’s specific policy.

A generous paid parental leave policy may prove to be an important consideration for developers planning to take time away from work right after a new child arrives in their family. Here are five companies that offer their new hires great leave options for when they’re starting a family.

1. Oportun

Oportun is a midsize company that grants affordable loans to people with no credit histories using data to score the “unscorable”. The company’s parental leave policy gives time off for both new mothers and fathers to welcome their new child into the family. Oportun also offers a family medical leave option for employees who experience family-related medical emergencies. The company is currently looking to fill positions for Sr. Java/J2EE Engineers and a Web UI Developer and Senior Technical Product Manager.

2. Duo Security

Founded in 2009, this venture capital-backed cybersecurity startup wants to make passwords obsolete by connecting devices for verified authentication. The company, which has offices in Ann Arbor, San Mateo, Austin, and London, offers employees fully paid parental leave that’s competitive with what’s offered at other top tech companies. Duo also offers family medical leave and an option for free family health insurance.

3. Futurice

Headquartered in Helsinski, Finland, the equity-based crowdfunding platform offers both paid maternity and paternity leave as well as childcare support. It also hosts family events for its staff and their spouses and children. The private mid-sized company offers holidays off and flexible working hours which can come in handy, especially as employees look to make their new addition comfortable and acclimated in their new home.

4. Twitter

Last year the social media company announced a new “gender neutral” paid parental leave policy for its employees. Twitter equally offers new moms and dads 20 weeks of leave. “The goal of this change was to expand how we think about parental leave,” Twitter’s VP of inclusion and diversity Jeffrey Siminoff told Fortune at the time. “Primary caregiving is something that’s hard to define.” Twitter’s move to offer equal leave for parents of both genders is not the industry standard, but it is catching on among other tech companies like Facebook.

5. Redfin 

Seattle, WA-based Redfin, a residential real estate company which hosts a real estate database and sells brokerage services, offers a fully paid leave policy for its several thousand employees. The company gives time off for both mothers and fathers, also including adoptive parents on this benefit. Moreso now than ever before, companies are including adoptive parents in leave policies, as well as other types of family arrangements in order to support employees with child care.

Great companies are prioritizing families in their benefit packages and are increasingly offering substantial paid parental leave policies to both mothers and fathers, whether developers are many years from starting a family or a new baby is already on the way. Are you looking for an opportunity at a new company that puts family first? Check out which companies are hiring right now on Stack Overflow Jobs.


Alyssa Mazzina

Alyssa was a Content Writer at Stack Overflow where she wrote for the Code for a Living blog, helping developers make the most of their careers. She lives in California, in a house filled with kids and dogs.

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    Great to see that there are tech companies which offer such possibilities to new parents! Sad, though, that the US is such an outlier with respect to paid vacation and (paid) parental leave 🙁

  • Alden Peterson

    It would probably be beneficial to actually include what the leaves are…

    The USA based company I work for offers 3 paid weeks for both mothers/fathers. We’re not on this list. But given that only one of these actually shows the benefit it’s hard to make a comparison.

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    For the thoughtful ones, I’ll just leave here a link to an essay from Paul Graham: What You Can’t Say

    • Harry Hughes

      So… individuals choosing which company they want to work for based on their parental leave is socialism, political correctness and feminism? If the gender neutral leave thing is twanging your garter then I’d point out that plenty of conservatives want equal paternal maternal leave, supporting stable families is their shtick. And just offering good deals to workers doesn’t make you some kind of socialist revolutionary.

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