5 Forums and Mentor Resources for Swift Developers

 In 2014 Apple introduced a programming language that would prove central to software development across products running on its OS. Today, knowledge of Apple’s Swift is more valuable than ever as iOS development ranks second among most in demand development skills. The general purpose, open source language has continued to grow and evolve in the years after its introduction, helping create new jobs in app development at companies large and small that focus on mobile solutions.

While you can still, of course, use Objective-C for iOS programming, it’s generally accepted that Swift is much easier to learn and use, especially if you already have experience programming in other languages.

As organizations increasingly prioritize a mobile-first approach and hire for positions in app development, there’s never been a better time to expand and hone knowledge of Swift. If you’re interested in learning the fast growing programming language or looking to brush up on your skills, there are a number of resources available to help you along the way. Here are five resources you can turn to while building your Swift skills.

1. Codementor

Everyone knows that mentorship is central to career advancement, but mentors can also come in handy when learning new areas of development. Codementor includes a marketplace for Swift programmers that offers easy access to project reviews, mentorship, coaching, training and more. The site, which says it can connect developers with mentors in mere minutes, hosts a directory of experienced Swift mentors you can pay in increments of time to answer any questions or solve any problems you have related to learning the programming language.

2. Thinkful

If you’re brand new to Swift, you may consider learning the programming language through an online course or coding bootcamp. Thinkful offers one such course which lasts three months and can add five projects to your personal portfolio. The Thinkful course promises 45 minutes of face to face time with a mentor each week and to help participants publish their first app to the Apple store. The Swift course is geared to coding newbies up through junior developers and costs $500 a month.

3. Swift.org

Created and hosted by Apple, Swift.org houses a number of resources for developers looking to learn its OS programming language. The site includes everything from how to get started to information about the latest iteration, Swift 4. On Swift.org, developers can check out news and updates on its blog, learn more about the growing Swift community, and connect to other resources made available through Apple.

4. Swifty

Swifty is an app that helps you learn the programming language on your iPhone or iPad when you have spare time. It features hundreds of interactive tutorials and challenges that guide users through the ins and outs of Swift. Swifty is a convenient option for developers casually learning the programming language or for those looking to brush up on their knowledge when they have some extra time during the day.

5. Apple Developer Forum

It’s no surprise that Apple’s developer forums have a focus on Swift. The community of developers who hang out in the forum focus on and proffer tips, advice, and help for troubleshooting questions related to the tech company’s own programming language. This forum is a good resource for finding community among developers with a shared interest in Swift and for answering any questions as they arise.

Due to the rise in the number of companies looking for developers to fill roles in iOS development, knowledge of Swift is in high demand and developer jobs are opening every day. If you’re hunting for a new position focused on building mobile products using Swift, look no further than Stack Overflow Jobs for new job listings in the fast growing area of development. Check out which companies are hiring developers with Swift skills today.


Kasra Rahjerdi
Mobile Team Lead

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