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company February 14, 2017

How Stack Overflow Redesigned the Top Navigation

You may have noticed that we’re sporting a new look today. We launched this update today as part of a series of changes supporting our core mission: Make developers’ lives better. In the past year, we fully integrated our by-developers, for-developers Jobs product. We added a whole new content type — Documentation — to help…
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code-for-a-living February 8, 2017

What it Means to be a Remote-First Company

At Stack Overflow, we often talk about why we believe in remote work, and we’ve been extremely successful with our results. In fact, our 2016 company-wide survey revealed that 88% of remote workers felt high overall engagement with the company (as compared to an overall response of 85% among the whole company, with the average…
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company February 7, 2017

El estado de Stack Overflow en español: Enero 2017

Entramos ya al segundo mes del año y la cosa sigue moviendose rápidamente. Es nuestra costumbre el compartir algunos numeritos para que se vayan dando una idea de como va todo con el sitio. Les presento algunos numeros interesantes del mes de enero: Miembros que contestaron la cantidad más grande del mes: Jorgesys – ¡123…
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insights February 7, 2017

What Programming Languages Are Used Most on Weekends?

For me, the weekends are mostly about spending time with my family, reading for leisure, and working on the open-source projects I am involved in. These weekend projects overlap with the work that I do in my day job here at Stack Overflow, but are not exactly the same. Many developers tinker with side projects…
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company January 30, 2017

Podcast #100: Jeff Atwood Is Back! (For Today)

Welcome to the Stack Overflow podcast #100!! Recorded Thursday, January 26, 2017 at Stack Overflow headquarters in NYC. Today’s podcast is brought to you by the Cheeseburger. “It’s a hamburger, topped with cheese!” But the real question is: Is a cheeseburger a sandwich? The podcast is also brought to you by IBM Compose. Compose has…
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company January 30, 2017

Developers without Borders: The Global Stack Overflow Network

A while back I encountered a developer who shared a story of a positive experience on Stack Overflow. He’d asked a question late one Sunday on Labor Day weekend, and been delighted that he’d quickly gotten multiple responses. He said he was impressed that someone else in San Francisco was also “burning the midnight oil,”…
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community January 26, 2017

Stack Exchange Year in Review 2016

I am not myself at all wise, nor have I anything to show which is the invention or birth of my own soul, but those who converse with me profit. Some of them appear dull enough at first, but afterwards, as our acquaintance ripens, if the god is gracious to them, they all make astonishing…
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Podcast Orange
company January 23, 2017

Podcast #99: The Requested Operation Requires Elevation

Welcome to the Stack Overflow podcast #99 recorded Thursday, January 19 at the Stack Overflow HQ in NYC. Today’s podcast is brought to you by Reverse Polish notation. 25 enter 16 plus It’s 41! We actually have 2 sponsors for today: Grace Hopper – A program of Fullstack Academy. The Grace Hopper Program is an…
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code-for-a-living January 19, 2017

How to Rock a Side Project When You Have No Free Time

We’ve all heard the advice: the best developers live and breathe programming. But you’re also a human being. Maybe you’re not the stereotypical 22-year-old with no ties or responsibilities, happy to work 18-hour days. Maybe you’re a mother or a father, a husband or a wife, a caretaker of an elderly relative. There are millions…
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