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Developer offices at Stack Overflow
code-for-a-living April 14, 2017

Can’t Afford Private Offices? Let Developers Go Remote

We at Stack Overflow have long been proponents of private offices for developers. If you’re really not familiar with our stance on this, you should definitely go over and read this post: Why We (Still) Believe in Private Offices. I’ll wait. If you’ve already read it, here’s a quote to refresh your memory: … we…
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code-for-a-living April 11, 2017

Companies Hiring Python Developers Right Now

In our 2017 Developer Survey, Python overtook PHP in our ranking of popular technologies for the first time in five years, with 32% of respondents reporting they use Python in their work. It was also among the top 10 “Most Loved” technologies and it was the #1 technology developers reported wanting to use in their…
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Businesswoman communicating with clients on a tablet.
code-for-a-living April 7, 2017

Companies Hiring Mobile Developers Right Now

Looking for a new mobile development gig? Here are some of our favorite companies hiring mobile developers right now. Google iOS Software Engineer, Mobile Applications Google, of course, is the home of Android—but they also maintain top-notch iOS apps. Wondering what it’s like to develop for iOS from Android headquarters? Google says, “We care deeply…
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community March 30, 2017

Stack Overflow Unveils the Next Steps in Computer Security

At Stack Overflow, keeping your information safe is our top concern. And as a community with over 40 million people each month, it has to be: Our success has made us a frequent target of attacks. Computer security is always evolving. Passwords are “what you know.” Smart cards are “what you have.” We decided to…
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insights March 28, 2017

And the Most Realistic Developer in Fiction is…

Computer programmers, IT specialists, and hackers are often depicted in popular works of fiction, from books, movies, to TV shows. On the 2017 Developer Survey, we asked respondents about depictions of what it’s really like to be a programmer. This was one of my favorite questions on the survey this year, and analyzing these results…
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company March 24, 2017

Nuestra comunidad, ¿funciona?

Al pensar en nuestra comunidad, podemos enfocarnos en ciertas características. Es normal el pensar en la correlación entre la comunidad y nuestra experiencia. Después de todo, lo que importa es lo que experimentamos, ¿no? Si resulta que nuestra estancia en SOes es buena, salimos con la idea de que realmente algo bueno está sucediendo allí.  Lo mismo…
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company March 22, 2017

Estado da Pilha Internacional – Março/2017

O primeiro trimestre de 2017 já caminha pro fim e o Stack Overflow em Português continua muito bem, obrigado. Cresceu bastante em 2016, começa o ano entre os 10 sites mais ativos da rede e a expectativa pra esse ano é de continuar crescendo, e ajudando cada vez mais gente, construindo ainda mais conhecimento de…
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Community Manager
company March 22, 2017

Now Live: Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017 Results

What do developers want? And how do they get the job done? Every year since 2011, we’ve asked developers these questions (and many, many more) as part of our annual Stack Overflow Developer Survey, the largest and most comprehensive survey of developers in the world. More than 64,000 developers told us this year how they…
code-for-a-living March 16, 2017

Family-Friendly Companies Hiring Right Now

I worked for many years at one local organization, and I loved a lot of things about it; the work was interesting and the people were great. A few things I didn’t love? The minimal paid maternity leave, the inflexible work hours, and the high cost of nearby childcare. Eventually, after investing many years there…
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company March 14, 2017

El estado de Stack Overflow en español: Febrero 2017

Continuamos presentando algunos números interesantes mensuales.  En esta ocasión, nos toca reportar sobre el mes de febrero. ¿Qué les parece lo siguiente? Las 5 preguntas más respondidas: ¿Cómo generar identificadores únicos con JavaScript? – 8 respuestas ¿Cual es la diferencia entre static y final? – 6 respuestas Contar números negativos de un array en php –…
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