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company December 20, 2018

Ten Years of Stack Giving Back

In 2009, Stack Overflow’s three employees (or associates, as they were then called) were inspired to end the year by giving back. To recognize our amazing community of moderators, we made small contributions to six nonprofits. Since then, we’ve donated over $350,000 through what we’ve dubbed Stack Overflow Gives Back. This year, we’re celebrating the…
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Marketing Coordinator - Former
community December 12, 2018

Winter Bash 2018

The world is full of interesting yearly traditions.  Take for example the tomato and orange throwing events, the buffet for monkeys,  and the cheese rolling festivities.  With such examples of human creativity, we at Stack Overflow could not pass on this opportunity.  We have created and maintained our own yearly tradition – Winter Bash! This year we…
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Manager, Community Management Team - Former
for-work December 6, 2018

Q&A: Bustle Digital Group’s CTO on the Media Company’s Serverless Architecture

Bustle Digital Group is the largest premium publisher reaching millennial women, attracting over 80 million readers a month to properties like and Elite Daily. This past March, its CTO and co-founder Tyler Love tweeted that the company had fully adopted serverless architecture. “We serve upwards of a billion requests to 80 million people using…
community December 4, 2018

Welcome Wagon: Community and Comments on Stack Overflow

This past summer, we wrote our first blog post about comments on Stack Overflow, focusing on our initial work rating comments internally at Stack Overflow and what we learned. Since then, we’ve fielded this comment rating task more broadly in our community. This blog post shares some of what we are learning. Engaging our community…
community November 21, 2018

Our Theory of Moderation, Re-visited.

Stack moderators are amazing people. The degree of total selflessness that mods invest in our shared goal of creating and protecting a safe, collaborative space for people to share knowledge is immeasurable. When we first put out a call for volunteers to help us keep our earliest sites running, we were stunned by the dedication and…
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Community Evangelist - Former
for-work November 14, 2018

Announcing Our New Partnership With Slack

We shipped Stack Overflow for Teams in May, making our public knowledge-sharing platform accessible to teams of all sizes. Developers, startups, and even college classrooms began using Teams to share internal knowledge. Just six months later, over one thousand companies use Stack Overflow for Teams to manage their questions and answers. We’re always improving the…
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company October 12, 2018

Exciting Leadership Announcements

It’s been an exciting 2018 for Stack Overflow. In late spring, we launched our Welcome Wagon initiative to make the network more welcoming. In May, we shipped Stack Overflow for Teams and made our knowledge-sharing platform accessible to teams of any size. And September marked our 10th anniversary, which celebrated the 25 million answers to…
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stack overflow anniversary
company September 27, 2018

Stack Overflow is 10!

Ten years ago, a lot was happening. Barack Obama and John McCain were running for U.S. president. Lehman Brothers’ collapse triggered a global financial crisis. The second iPhone came out – with 3G speeds, y’all! Tweens everywhere were deciding if they were on Team Jacob or Team Edward. Kanye West convinced everyone that what sunglasses…
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community September 13, 2018

IBM and Stack Overflow Partner to Support AI Developers

IBM and Stack Overflow are partnering to bring learning and development to the AI community. As of today, the Artificial Intelligence site on the Stack Exchange network is sponsored by IBM. The site, featuring “questions about life and challenges in a world where ‘cognitive’ functions can be mimicked in purely digital environment”, is home to…
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for-work September 10, 2018

Developer Flow State and Its Impact on Productivity

What’s the most annoying thing at work? If you ask developers, it’s likely getting interrupted in the middle of a difficult programming task. That reminds me of the classic cartoon strip I saw making the rounds on Hacker News a few years back. This is the perfect illustration of one’s “flow state”. Your mind is clear…
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Director of Content
insights September 5, 2018

Developer Salaries in 2018: Updating the Stack Overflow Salary Calculator

Today we launched the 2018 update to the Stack Overflow Salary Calculator, a tool that allows developers and employers to find typical salaries for the software industry based on experience level, location, education, and specific technologies. The methodology we used is similar to last year, but this year we’ve added support for eight new countries…
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Data Scientist (former)