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company March 27, 2018

Quantum Computing Site Launches with the Help of Strangeworks

Last week, we rolled out our latest feature designed to help tech industry leaders engage more directly with the developer community. In a partnership with Strangeworks, Stack Exchange launched the Quantum Computing Q&A site at the SXSW Convergence Keynote in Austin, TX. During his Keynote, Strangeworks Founder and CEO William “whurley” Hurley discussed how quantum…
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Podcast Orange
podcast March 14, 2018

Podcast #123 – Jon Skeet Wants You To Be a Feminist

It’s a Stack Overflow Podcast not-so-hostile takeover! Jon Skeet in the NYC Stack Overflow HQ to celebrate One Million Rep, so we gave him the podcast reins to talk about whatever he wants! And mwhahahaha he wants to talk about… diversity and inclusion in tech and his work educating others on how to be better…
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company March 13, 2018

The 2018 Developer Survey Results are Live

Each year, we ask the developer community about everything from their favorite technologies to their job preferences. This year marks the eighth year we’ve published our Annual Developer Survey results—with the largest number of respondents yet. Over 100,000 developers took the 30-minute survey this past January. This year, we covered a few new topics ranging…
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insights February 28, 2018

Evaluating Options for Amazon’s HQ2 Using Stack Overflow Data

Amazon is a technology behemoth, employing half a million people globally and hiring nearly 130,000 people in 2017. Amazon has been headquartered in Seattle since its early days in the 1990s, but in September 2017, the company announced a search for a secondary headquarters elsewhere in North America. Over 200 cities entered bids to be…
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community February 8, 2018

Updating Navigation for Stack Overflow, Enterprise, and Stack Exchange Sites

This post refers to “Channels”, a product which is now called “Teams.” This post is part of a series on how we’re making Channels, the thinking behind the product, and insight into the process. Read “How We’re Designing Channels” and “Why Channels” for more background info. In his post, How We’re Designing Channels, Kurtis wrote that…
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community February 6, 2018

Pluralsight & Stack Overflow: Helping the World’s Developers Learn New Skills

Today we’re excited to announce a partnership with Pluralsight, the enterprise technology learning platform. Stack Overflow’s mission has always been to the help the world’s developers; whether it’s helping them get answers to their coding problems through Q&A, or helping them build their career with Jobs. Pluralsight has many of the same goals—helping the tech…
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code-for-a-living February 5, 2018

The Secret Behind Great Developer Onboarding

Starting a new job as a developer can be a little overwhelming. There is a lot of information to process, new faces to see, and code you want to get up-to-speed with as soon as possible. A positive onboarding experience can make a huge difference to a developer’s happiness and productivity.  To hear more about…
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community January 31, 2018

Stack Exchange 2017 in Review

“It’s a life’s work to see yourself for what you really are and even then you might be wrong.”—Cormac McCarthy, No Country for Old Men You know the old saw about how 90% of an iceberg is hidden under water? At Stack Overflow, we strive to be a reverse iceberg by sharing as much as…
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insights January 30, 2018

What Do Software Developers Use in France?

Software development is a global industry, and programmers everywhere rely on Stack Overflow to find solutions to their problems. But different countries use different languages and technologies, and these differences show up in their Stack Overflow visits. We’ve previously looked at what technologies are used in Germany more than other countries, finding that programmers in…
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insights January 22, 2018

Remote Work in the 2017 Developer Survey

The 2018 Stack Overflow Developer Survey is open right now, and we on the Data Team are eagerly awaiting this year’s data so we can uncover new insights about the worldwide developer community. Every year, we learn interesting things, whether that’s about student developers’ attitudes toward industries or fictional representations of coders. I work remotely,…
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community January 15, 2018

Thanks a Million, Jon Skeet!

Yesterday, Jon Skeet’s reputation on Stack Overflow passed 1,000,000. ONE MILLION. Those of you who are highly engaged with the Stack Overflow community probably have a general idea of a) who Jon Skeet is and b) exactly how amazing and ridiculous this statement is, but just to make sure we are all on the same…