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Stack Overflow salary reports are out now – how does your company compare?

Get insights into how to offer developers a competitive salary. Check out our salary reports for ten countries in North America, Europe, and Australia.
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Due to the extensive data we get from our annual developer survey, we are able to make predictions on developer compensation. As a result, we offer this information to employers, to see how they are competing in their region.

Of course, every recruiter knows salary expectations vary between individuals. And even though top talents will expect compensation that matches their expertise, it is not the only way to attract talent and it is worth assessing how your company scores in other areas relevant to the decision to take a job. 

When it comes to arriving at a fair and competitive salary for 2020, there are a few things that will factor in, and we have created some regional reports to give employers in those countries a good idea of how they compare.

What influences different developer salaries?

We see salaries vary most drastically for:

  • location,
  • education,
  • years of professional coding experience,
  • what kind of coding work developers do, and
  • the technologies they use professionally.

With geography being a big factor, we see many companies with near and off-shore engineering teams. Salaries in the USA are famously a lot higher, our data confirms that.

Another important factor that affects how much a developer is paid is what kind of work they do. Like last year, people working in DevOps are high earners. DevOps-focused work, on the other hand, is unusual both in terms of high compensation globally, as well as job satisfaction, how few DevOps specialists are looking for work, and more. On the 2019 Developer Survey, we gave respondents multiple options to choose from for their professional role, and each respondent could choose as many as appropriate for them. This year, we had two related roles in the operations area: “site reliability engineer” and “DevOps specialist”. More respondents said they were DevOps specialists than SREs, but those who said they are SREs earn even more than those who identified as DevOps specialists. For the purposes of this modeling, we combined these two roles into one DevOps role, but keep in mind that people with SRE roles can earn even more.

See what salaries are like in your region – Download the free reports:

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