Sam Brand

community April 7, 2015

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2015: The Results

Every year we ask our users to tell us a little about themselves. This year we asked our users to tell us a lot. For 2 weeks in February 2015, we ran a 45 question survey. We asked where you live, what programming languages & frameworks you use, how much money you make, how much…
community June 4, 2012

Can Stack Exchange Capitalize on Hot Trends?

Hello. Sam Brand here. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m part of the CHAOS at Stack Exchange. I handle certain “special projects” across the network, oversee syndication, and occasionally poke my head into our communities to make sure our platform works to deliver killer content to the outside world. A couple weeks ago,…
community November 30, 2011

Question [Closed]… and it’s probably best that way

If you’ve poked around our network, then you’ve probably noticed that we hate fun at Stack Exchange. Hard-line Q&A is in our evil DNA. And you know what, I kinda like it that way. But I haven’t always been onboard… Flashback to late September, when I asked the following question at our Skeptics site: New York pizza is…
stackexchange October 10, 2011

Questions. Do you have any?

  You do. I’ll bet like a bazillion bitcoins on it. You’re a human. You’re curious. You don’t know everything. You frequently use intonation at the end of your thoughts. Some questions previously brought to Stack Exchange: Are humans the best marathon runners on earth? No. Is there a use in the kitchen for salmon heads and spines? Yes. Are pedestrians…