Aarthi Devanathan
Community Manager (Former)
Abby T. Miller
Director of Community Management
Alex Miller
VP of Operations
Alex Warren
Web Developer
Alex is a developer on the Stack Overflow Talent team. His talk "How to be Awesome" is a guide for junior developers to further their careers by working on side projects, and how to make a great first impression when applying for a job.
Alexa Scordato
Director of Product Marketing
Alexa is passionate about helping companies understand how to scale marketing teams and the role technology and community can play in driving business success. She speaks regularly about branding and growth strategies at startups, diversity in tech, and career growth for millennials.
Alison Sperling
Director of Marketing (former)
Alyssa Mazzina
Content Writer, Developer Marketing
Alyssa is a Content Writer at Stack Overflow where she writes for the Code for a Living blog, helping developers make the most of their careers. She lives in California, in a house filled with kids and dogs.
Ana Noemi
Community Manager
Angela Nyman
Director of Marketing, EMEA
Angela has an extensive expertise in branding, marketing management and +12 years of experience in cross cultural management. At Stack Overflow she is educating companies about technical recruitment and how to best reach, attract and engage with developers.
Anita Taylor
Growth Marketing Manager
Arie Litovsky
Web Developer
Arie developed the Stack Overflow [mobile app]( while [travelling]( around the world. He enjoys speaking on career development, mobile design (especially iOS), other cultures and languages, and turning espresso into code.
Aurelien Gasser
Benjamin Dumke-von der Ehe
Web Developer
Ben has worked at Stack Overflow for over five years, and has given talks on various topics such as localStorage messaging, IL code generation, and [regex performance]( With interests such as [algorithmic unicorn generation]( and [April 1st](, he is a proponent of fun-ctional programming (and bad puns).
Bethany Marzewski
Customer Happiness
Bethany focuses on growing Stack Overflow Talent by engaging directly with customers and sharing research and insights on developer hiring trends globally. She is also the program director for Beyond Coding, a new professional skills course for emerging developer talent in NYC.
Community Manager
Bret Copeland
Brett White
Community Growth Specialist (Former)
Bryan James Ross
Web Developer
Casey Ashenhurst
People Ops Manager, Inclusion & Engagement
Cassie Stone
Executive Assistant