Abby T. Mars
Director of Community Management
Alex Miller
VP of Operations
Anita Taylor
Growth Marketing Manager
Arie Litovsky
Web Developer

Arie developed the Stack Overflow Mobile App while around the world. He enjoys speaking on career development, mobile design (especially iOS), other cultures and languages, and turning espresso into code.

Community Manager
Bret Copeland
Bryan James Ross
Web Developer
Cassie Stone
Executive Assistant
Chance Heath
Product Manager
Dan O’Boyle
Internal Support Engineer

Dan builds tools to make internal process and procedure efficient and consistent. He worked previously in education as both an educator and technical staff. He has spoken on a variety of topics, including Google Glass, Leap Motion, Technology in Education, Django Web apps – and other past tinkerings.

David Fullerton
Chief Technology Officer

David Fullerton is the Chief Technology Officer of Stack Overflow, responsible for all software development, design, and site reliability. David joined Stack Overflow in 2010 as a Development Team Lead before assuming a leadership role as Vice President of Engineering in 2012. He has a B.A. in Computer Science from Dartmouth College, and holds strong opinions on working remotely, private offices, and engineering management in general.

David Haney
Engineering Manager

David speaks on programming, management, and cognitive biases as they apply to hiring and decision making in the workplace. He specializes in .NET on topics such as performance and optimization, distributed caching, cloud computing, and search algorithms.

David Robinson
Data Scientist
Donna Choi
Senior Product Designer
Jason Punyon
Data Science Engineer
Jay Hanlon
VP of Community Growth
Jeff Szczepanski
Chief Operating Officer (Former)

Jeff speaks about startups, the management and scaling of both sales teams and software development teams and how the two are much similar than you might think. His talk ‘The Developers Guide to Running a Sales Team’ can be seen [here](

Jess Pardue
Operations Manager
Joe Humphries
Director, People Team
Joel Spolsky
Co-founder & CEO