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Family-Friendly Companies Hiring Right Now

I worked for many years at one local organization, and I loved a lot of things about it; the work was interesting and the people were great. A few things I didn’t love? The minimal paid maternity leave, the inflexible work hours, and the high cost of nearby childcare.

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Developer Hiring Trends in 2017

Now that 2017 is really in swing and spring is on its way, maybe you’re thinking about renewing your job search. At Stack Overflow, we have our finger on the pulse of the developer hiring scene, and we’ve put together some data on 2017 hiring trends to help you steer your search.

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What it Means to be a Remote-First Company

At Stack Overflow, we often talk about why we believe in remote work, and we’ve been extremely successful with our results. In fact, our 2016 company-wide survey revealed that 88% of remote workers felt high overall engagement with the company (as compared to an overall response of 85% among the whole company, with the average being 71% among employees at other companies in our industry). Remote workers also rated “work life blend” and “social connection” more highly than employees as a whole.

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How to Get a Job You’re Overqualified For

If you’re a veteran developer looking for a new role, you’ve probably bypassed plenty of postings because you felt you were too experienced. Sometimes that’s valid—you have no desire to go backwards in your career.

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