Jess Pardue

Operations Manager


Podcast #113 – Frustrating Miracles

Welcome to the Stack Overflow podcast recorded Thursday July 20 at Stack Overflow Headquearters in NYC. Your hosts today are podcast regulars Jay Hanlon, David Fullerton, and Ilana Yitzhaki, plus the quite irregular Matt Sherman (Stack Overflow Engineering Manager extraordinaire). This week’s episode is brought to you by Game of Thrones Season 5 Spoilers as well as Stack Overflow Channels. Everything you love about Stack Overflow, in a private space just for your team. Sign up today at to learn more or get your team in line for the beta.

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Podcast #112 – Please Direct All Hate Mail to Jay Hanlon c/o Stack Overflow…

Welcome back to the Stack Overflow podcast episode #112 recorded Thursday, July 13th at Stack Overflow HQ in NYC. Today’s hosting duties fall to Jay Hanlon as Joel is still busy alphabetizing his socks. Joining him is newly minted CTO David Fullerton, Fog Creek Community Engineer and Star Wars scholar Jenn Schiffer, and can-totally-tell-the-difference-between-Moff-and-Mon-Mothma podcast producer Jess Pardue.

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Podcast #111 – SRE: Occasionally Maintaining Infrastructure That You Hate

Welcome to a very special episode of The Stack Overflow Podcast recorded Thursday, June 8 at Stack Overflow HQ in NYC. Why is this a very special episode, you ask? It’s all about Site Reliability Engineers (SRE). Joel and Jay are away (slackers) so David is running the show along with Ilana and 3 members of our very own SRE team. Tom Limoncelli, Mark Henderson, and Jason Harvey are here to discuss how we build and maintain Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network.

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Podcast #110 – IBM, You’re Wrong

Welcome to The Stack Overflow Podcast recorded Thursday May 18, 2017 at the same place they are always recorded: Stack Overflow HQ in NYC! Today’s episode is brought to you by Shabbos Goy, Maori face markings, and the brand new Stack Overflow App! (And no, Windows phone is still not supported…)

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