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Introducing Stack Overflow Documentation Beta

Today – thanks to our amazing community beta testers – we’re shipping our biggest expansion to Stack Overflow since it first launched: Documentation.

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An Optimization Exercise

Nick Craver tweets out snippets of the Stack Overflow code base occasionally. About a week ago he showed off a ContainsToken method which has been tuned for performance. This set off a little bit of a benchmarking contest.

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Stack Exchange API V2.2 – and the demise of V1.x

There’s been a lot of excitement lately here at Stack Exchange, what with the launch of our Android app and the start of our iOS app alpha. A few sharp-eyed users noticed, hidden deep within each app, a new version of the Stack Exchange API. After a few more weeks of testing I’m happy to say that V2.2 is now frozen, documented, and released.

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Stack Exchange API V2.1

There’s been a low-key beta of the latest Stack Exchange API revision, V2.1, under way for the last month or so.  I’m happy to announce that it’s official, API V2.1 is public, frozen, and out the door.

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