Jon Chan

Jon is a developer on the Developer Affinity and Growth team at Stack Overflow. He’s also the founder of [Bento](, a tech education site for self-taught developers. He frequently speaks on product development, tech education, and diversity.

Jon Ericson
Community Manager
Josh Heyer
Community Manager
Joshua Hynes
Senior Product Designer

Josh is a Senior Product Designer on the Design team. He enjoys talking about style guides, experience design, and design processes.

Julia Silge & Nick Larsen
Kasra Rahjerdi
Mobile Team Lead
Kevin Montrose
Kristina Lustig

Kristina Lustig is a UX Researcher at Stack Overflow.

Kurtis Beavers
Product Creative Director
Kyle Brandt
Director of Site Reliability
Matt Sherman
Engineering Manager

Matt speaks on engineering and engineering management. He specializes in recruiting, getting developers talking to salespeople, and the Go programming language. He is also the founder of Alikewise, a dating site based on books.

Nick Craver
Architecture Lead

Nick is a developer and SRE on the Core and Site Reliability Engineering teams at Stack Overflow. Nick’s passion is performance and efficiency through the entire stack. He does in-depth talks on infrastructure and code approaches used at Stack Overflow, including the story and reasoning behind them.

Nick Larsen

dad, data team member at stack overflow, GA Tech grad student, high power rocketry enthusiast, connoisseur of head rubs

Community Manager
Math Intern (Former)
Rachel Maleady
Content Marketing Writer
Robert Cartaino
Director of Community Development
Sam Saffron
Developer (Former)
Samo Prelog
Web Developer