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company October 26, 2016

Why Stack Overflow Doesn’t Care About Ad Blockers

Hi! I’m Steve Feldman, Senior Ad Ops Manager at Stack Overflow. My whole life I’ve been fascinated by advertising. Even as a kid, I wondered what a company was trying to tell me by using one word instead of another in an ad. Over time, I developed a strong (read: subjective) opinion of what makes…
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Senior Ad Ops Manager (former)
company October 6, 2016

International Salaries at Stack Overflow

We got a great response to the initial publication of our salary calculator in July – over 100,000 people tried it out just in the first few days. Today we shipped an update to the calculator, which includes: International salaries Two new positions: Creative Director and Data Scientist 2016 market adjustment Skills now have a…
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Director, People Team (former)
company October 5, 2016

El estado de Stack Overflow en español

Imaginen una comunidad en línea llena de gente, ideas, y posibilidades. Un lugar donde los usuarios vienen a ayudarse los unos a los otros para compartir su interés en algo que es muy importante para sus vidas. Imaginen una comunidad que se convierte en parte de la rutina diaria y ayuda a cada miembro a…
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Manager, Community Management Team - Former
company October 4, 2016

Estado da Pilha Internacional – Outubro/2016

Imagine uma comunidade online, repleta de pessoas, ideias e possibilidades. Um lugar onde pessoas se encontram, para ajudar umas às outras e dividir seu interesse em algo muito importante em suas vidas. Imagine esse lugar se tornando parte da rotina de cada membro, contribuindo para que eles aprendam mais sobre algo que eles adoram fazer.…
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Community Manager
company July 21, 2016

Introducing Stack Overflow Documentation Beta

Today – thanks to our amazing community beta testers – we’re shipping our biggest expansion to Stack Overflow since it first launched: Documentation. “Together, we believe we can do the same thing for technical documentation that we did for Q&A.” Documentation is community-curated, example-focused developer documentation, based on the principles of Stack Overflow. If you…
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Team Lead, Data - Former
company July 12, 2016

You Can Now Download Stack Overflow’s 2016 Developer Survey Data

Earlier this year we released the results of our annual developer survey. With more than 50,000 responses fielded from 173 countries, it was the largest and most comprehensive survey of the programmer workforce that has ever been conducted. Now, you can analyze this year’s and previous years’ results yourself by downloading the raw data from…
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Marketing (Former)
company July 7, 2016

Una receta para promover nuestra comunidad

Hablemos hoy sobre como promocionar nuestro sitio. Ya que estamos un poco mas establecidos desde que empezamos en Diciembre del 2015, necesitamos seguir creciendo con esta la dinámica cada día. Existimos para proporcionar el mejor contenido para desarrolladores globales de habla hispana. La cruel realidad es que todavía existen personas que no conocen sobre nuestra…
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Manager, Community Management Team - Former
podcast blue
company July 5, 2016

Podcast #71 – A Bunch of Bald Yaks

Welcome to the Stack Exchange Podcast, recorded Tuesday June 28th at Stack HQ! Today’s podcast is brought to you by Eugene McCarthy for President, as well as by IBM. Try the new IBM Cloud Tools for Swift. New this week: one of those two sponsors is a real live sponsor. Bet you can’t guess which…
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Director of Community Management - Former
company June 28, 2016

Добро пожаловать в блог сообщества Stack Overflow на русском!

Всем привет! Рад анонсировать, что с сегодняшнего дня у нас появился свой канал в блоге компании на русском языке! Мы будем использовать его для всего того, чему ранее не находилось места на Мете. Ура! Да, еще вы можете подписать на RSS–канал блога:
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Community Manager
community June 24, 2016

Learn More About Your Site with the SE Data Explorer. Here’s How!

Have you ever wanted to get a statistic about your favorite Stack Exchange site, but been baffled by exactly how to do that? The Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) may be just what you’re looking for. SEDE was created to make it easy to query and browse the public data that we release periodically for…
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Community Manager (Former)