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company July 5, 2016

Podcast #71 – A Bunch of Bald Yaks

Welcome to the Stack Exchange Podcast, recorded Tuesday June 28th at Stack HQ! Today’s podcast is brought to you by Eugene McCarthy for President, as well as by IBM. Try the new IBM Cloud Tools for Swift. New this week: one of those two sponsors is a real live sponsor. Bet you can’t guess which…
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Director of Community Management - Former
company June 28, 2016

Добро пожаловать в блог сообщества Stack Overflow на русском!

Всем привет! Рад анонсировать, что с сегодняшнего дня у нас появился свой канал в блоге компании на русском языке! Мы будем использовать его для всего того, чему ранее не находилось места на Мете. Ура! Да, еще вы можете подписать на RSS–канал блога:
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community June 24, 2016

Learn More About Your Site with the SE Data Explorer. Here’s How!

Have you ever wanted to get a statistic about your favorite Stack Exchange site, but been baffled by exactly how to do that? The Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) may be just what you’re looking for. SEDE was created to make it easy to query and browse the public data that we release periodically for…
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company June 17, 2016

Bienvenidos al blog para Stack Overflow en español

¡Bienvenidos a todos a nuestro blog internacional para la comunidad de habla hispana! Hemos creado este espacio para poder comunicar y ser más abiertos en como construimos Stack Overflow en español para ustedes. Aquí, trataremos diversos temas que no son adecuados para el sitio meta. Será un lugar donde podremos pensar en voz alta, compartir…
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company May 4, 2016

Welcoming Stack Overflow’s New CMO – Adrianna Burrows

The Stack Overflow team is beyond excited to welcome Adrianna Burrows as Stack Overflow’s new Chief Marketing Officer. She’s an industry veteran of everything from global product launches to partner development and she is as laser focused as we are about empowering developers. We fundamentally believe that developers are writing the script for the future.…
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Director of Product Marketing (Former)
community March 17, 2016

2016 Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results

Here at Stack Overflow, everything we build is done with the same single-minded, compulsive, fanatical obsession to serve programmers. We’re a community built by developers for developers, and each month, we serve 40 million coders looking for answers to their most pressing questions. Because of this, we like to think we know software developers better…
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Marketing (Former)
community January 12, 2016

Stack Exchange Year in Review 2015

I think we have to enjoy what we do if we are to succeed.—John Wooden Looking back on the past year across the network, it strikes me that we are very fortunate that so many people take pleasure in sharing their knowledge with others. Everything we (as a company and as a community) accomplished was…
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company January 7, 2016

Podcast #70 – David Was Wrong And Jason Was Right

Welcome to the Stack Exchange Podcast episode #70! Today’s podcast is brought to you by the BB-8 droid. Today your hosts are joined by developer Jason Punyon, whom you may remember from way back in Podcast #21. Punyon works out of balmy Buffalo, NY. (Here’s the Buffalo sentence they talk about for a weirdly long…
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community January 6, 2016

Winter Bash 2015: Hats Off

And here we are again, at the end of another Winter Bash, the annual Stack Exchange celebration where the hats are made up and the points don’t matter. Who Wore It Best? Most of the fun of Winter Bash is, of course, seeing the actual hats on avatars. So let’s kick off with some pictures!…
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Community Manager (Former)
background December 23, 2015

Stack Overflow Gives Back 2015

It’s that time of year again — a time when we reach out beyond the Stack Exchange community to remember the organizations and people who desperately need our help. Each year, we set aside this time and offer to make a $100 donation to charity on behalf of each moderator representing their community. We’ve been doing this…
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Director of Community Development (former)
community December 21, 2015

Bringing Jobs to Stack Overflow

TL;DR: We believe that all programmers need and deserve jobs they love. Last week, we added a Jobs tab to Stack Overflow in order to help you do just that. What’s changed? You’ll no longer need to login to a separate account on a separate site in order to use Stack Overflow Jobs. This means…
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