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community June 11, 2015

Welcome, Nicolas Chabanovsky and Stack Overflow in Russian!

Some time ago, we hired a Russian-speaking Community Manager named Nicolas Chabanovsky. He works remotely from St. Petersburg (we’re pretty sure it’s the one in Russia). In the past Nicolas was a software developer, and participated in the development of DLNA-stack at Motorola, webOS at LG Electronics and many other notable projects. What we found…
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Community Evangelist - Former
community June 4, 2015

Stack Overflow in Portugese: now with less beta!

If you can’t read the rest of this post, you’re probably not part of the Stack Overflow in Portuguese community. It’s a shame, because it’s a really good site! We built it because it’s not fair to expect everyone to speak every language, right? Exactly. So, the important thing is that the site is great, the community is…
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Community Manager
company May 27, 2015

Stack Overflow and Andela partner to provide education beyond borders

Jon is a web developer and heads up developer evangelism efforts at Stack Exchange. When I think about the impact that Stack Overflow has had on the world, it’s tempting for me to think about numbers: how many active users we have, how many questions are answered in a day, how many jobs get posted…
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Engineering Manager, Public Platform
community April 22, 2015

JNat and animuson: workin’ on ur problemz

The Community Team’s first and most important job is to help you, the users. Every day, we hang out on meta sites and in chat, watching to make sure that someone is working on your problems. Until very recently, community managers also fielded each and every request that came through our support ticketing system. (And…
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Director of Community Management - Former
company April 15, 2015

Two new user pages. One new stat. This one’s big.

In the time since we started working on the profile, generations of dinosaurs were born, fell in love, had families, and were killed by a comet. Or climate change, or maybe texting and driving or some nonsense like that. Anyway, as of today, it’s live on SO and about half the network, and we’ll be…
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EVP of Culture and Experience (former)
community April 7, 2015

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2015: The Results

Every year we ask our users to tell us a little about themselves. This year we asked our users to tell us a lot. For 2 weeks in February 2015, we ran a 45 question survey. We asked where you live, what programming languages & frameworks you use, how much money you make, how much…
company March 25, 2015

Podcast #63 – The Plumber’s Up To 67 Coins

Welcome to the Stack Exchange Podcast Episode #63, recorded March 6, 2015 in front of a live-ish audience. Today’s podcast is brought to you by Cool Whip by Kraft Foods. A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.txt — learn more! Our hosts today are Joel Spolsky, David Fullerton, and…
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Director of Community Management - Former
company February 12, 2015

Education begins at home: Improving developer training in NYC

The core goal of Stack Exchange is education. Everything we build is geared toward helping people learn from one another — not just the nuts and bolts of their profession or passion, but the universal skills of how to better communicate and learn. As we’ve grown as a company, we’ve benefited from many resources to…
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Marketing (Former)
company February 4, 2015

Podcast #62 – Delete This Whole Episode

Welcome to Stack Exchange Podcast #62, recorded live on January 20th–with a live studio audience (kinda)!. Today’s podcast was brought to you by the American Venture Capital Association. With you today are our hosts Jay Hanlon, David Fullerton, and Joel Spolsky. Let’s jump right in: we made a big announcement! Andreessen Horowitz has invested a pile of…
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Director of Community Management - Former
careers January 27, 2015

Targeted Jobs for Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow Careers was announced five years ago with a simple mission statement: We believe that every professional programmer should have a job they love To help you find a job you love, we need to match you with the right job at the right time. We do that by helping you create a profile…
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Director of Talent Product (former)