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engineering March 29, 2016

Stack Overflow: The Hardware – 2016 Edition

Who loves hardware? Well, I do. If you don’t love hardware then I’d go ahead and close the browser. Still here? Awesome. Or your browser is crazy slow, in which case you should think about some new hardware. I’ve repeated many, many times: performance is a feature. Since your code is only as fast as…
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Architecture Lead - Former
engineering March 7, 2016

Developer Compensation: Stack Overflow Doesn’t Stack Rank

Are Developers Good Negotiators? Developers come from all walks of life, and have many unique interests, passions, and hobbies. Often the only thing that developers have in common is their love for programming. It follows that some are good negotiators; others get the double digit percentage finance rate at the dealership when they go in…
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Engineering Manager
engineering February 18, 2016

How Stack Overflow Does Technical Interviews

Here’s a webinar I did recently (with our friends at Greenhouse) about the Stack Overflow developer interviewing process. Give it a listen! First: it’s hard Technical interviewing is hard. The best companies in the world haven’t cracked this nut. Here’s what Google had to say about the process. Years ago, we did a study to…
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Engineering Manager (former)
engineering February 17, 2016

Stack Overflow: The Architecture – 2016 Edition

To get an idea of what all of this stuff “does,” let me start off with an update on the average day at Stack Overflow. So you can compare to the previous numbers from November 2013, here’s a day of statistics from February 9th, 2016 with differences since November 12th, 2013: 209,420,973 (+61,336,090) HTTP requests…
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Architecture Lead - Former
engineering November 24, 2015

How to Be Awesome (Part 2)

How do you describe yourself to potential employers? Many developers get this terribly wrong. In part 1 of this blog post I talked about getting a better job by building awesome stuff. In this part, I’ll talk about how to communicate your awesomeness. Write for humans Applying for a job normally involves writing a cover…
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Developer (Former)
engineering November 12, 2015

How To Target Job Listings Effectively

We recently launched a page that shows developers hitting Stack Overflow in real time. Over the past year, we’ve invested a lot in building our advanced targeting technology, and we’re excited to show the benefit of targeting job listings on Stack Overflow versus other platforms. For hiring developers or for developers looking for jobs, we’re…
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Principal Data Engineer
design November 10, 2015

Updating Stack Overflow

At Stack Overflow, we’re committed to making the internet a better place for every single developer. Over the last year, the design team has been working on how we could support that goal by eliminating unnecessary visual, experience, and interactive inconsistencies that exist throughout Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange. Examples of these efforts include updating…
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Senior Product Designer (former)
engineering September 29, 2015

How to Be Awesome (Part 1)

Is your current job awesome? Or could you be doing better? I’m lucky enough to have what I consider to be an awesome job – I’m a web developer on the Stack Overflow Careers team. I’ve been working for here for 18 months now and I still love it. This is unusual for me –…
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Developer (Former)
culture September 18, 2015

A Culture of Trust

We live in a time when software developers change jobs every 12 months. Usually, about two years into a job, I start dreaming of greener pastures with better pay and more interesting work. Working at Stack Overflow has been the exception to that rule. In the wake of the recent Amazon exposé and my 2…
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Web Developer
engineering August 21, 2015

A Better Syntax for Scheduled Tasks

There are lots of domain-specific languages for schedules. The most prominent might be Cron (for *nix scheduled tasks), but there’s also RRULE (for iCalendar events) and many others. Cron isn’t exactly what I’d call human-friendly. Can you tell me what 10 8,20 * 8 1-5 means if you don’t use Cron often? Some DSLs go…
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Developer (former)
engineering August 7, 2015

Developer Turned Manager

In February of 2015, I was promoted to Engineering Manager at Stack Overflow. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. There are tons of things I’ve learned so far, some of which I’ve learned the hard way. There’s also a world of difference between managing…
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Engineering Manager