community September 19, 2021

The Loop: Our Community department roadmap for Q4 2021

It’s time once again for the ritual that I know we’ve all come to love: the quarterly update on Community team projects. This quarter’s projects are constrained by a lack of available technical/engineering resources on our Public Platform team, so you’ll see that we are focusing on projects that don’t require assistance from them.
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code-for-a-living September 18, 2021

Level Up: Introduction to TypeScript

In this one-off Level Up session, we’re exploring TypeScript, a popular programming language used for web development. Josh Goldberg, a Staff Frontend Developer at Codecademy, walks us through the basics of TypeScript. We discuss its relationship to JavaScript, how TypeScript is used in real production environments (like Codecademy itself!), how to get involved in the…
Level up: SwiftUI quiz
code-for-a-living September 4, 2021

Level Up: Build a Quiz App with SwiftUI – Part 4

In the fourth and final lesson of the series, we’ll learn how to use SwiftUI navigation to present different views to the user. We’ll build a welcome screen with instructions for the user as well as a final screen with their results to the quiz. A user will also have the option to re-take the…
Level up: SwiftUI quiz
code-for-a-living August 28, 2021

Level Up: Build a Quiz App with SwiftUI – Part 3

In the third lesson of the series, we’ll continue to incorporate the MVVM architecture and build a view model for our quiz app which mediates communication between the view and the model. Additionally, we’ll build a game model structure and add more questions and functionality for new questions to appear as the user advances through…