Two people review code
code-for-a-living September 30, 2019

How to Make Good Code Reviews Better

I have been doing day-to-day code reviews for over a decade now. The benefits of code reviews are plenty: someone spot checks your work for errors, they get to learn from your solution, and the collaboration helps to improve the organization’s overall approach to tooling and automation. If you’re not currently doing code reviews in…
abm September 27, 2019

Keeping Organizational Knowledge within the Organization

How do you keep sensitive information private? Ask most people that question, and the answers will involve passwords, encryption, firewalls, and the like. To be sure, these are all useful tools for helping to prevent unauthorized access to information. Why companies are shifting to Q&A as the new format for knowledge management.Download now (pdf) Yet…
abm September 27, 2019

Best Practices for Ongoing Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing would be easy if it were a set-it-and-forget-it affair. But the reality is that knowledge is shared on an ongoing basis. Why companies are shifting to Q&A as the new format for knowledge management.Download now (pdf) That should be intuitive, but it is a point that many organizations miss. They implement knowledge management…
abm September 27, 2019

Making Knowledge Management as Agile as the Rest of Your Organization

What does it take to make your organization agile? If you go by the tenets of the “Agile Manifesto“—the seminal document on agility in software development—you’ll find answers that center around making business operations more flexible and scalable. Why companies are shifting to Q&A as the new format for knowledge management.Download now (pdf) One topic…
community September 26, 2019

Research update: Improving the question-asking experience

Hi, my name is Lisa. 👋 I am a Product Designer on the Community Product team and I’m excited to provide this month’s UX research update! If you’ve asked a question recently, you may have noticed some changes to the question-asking form. This is the result of months of research reviewing the question-asking experience on…
Avatar for Lisa Park
Product Designer
September 24, 2019

Announcing Stack Overflow’s New CEO, Prashanth Chandrasekar!

Last March, I shared that we were starting to look for a new CEO for Stack Overflow. We were looking for that rare combination of someone who could foster the community while accelerating the growth of our businesses, especially Teams, where we are starting to close many huge deals and becoming a hyper-growth enterprise software…
Avatar for Joel Spolsky
Co-founder & Chairman of the Board
company September 19, 2019

Our Advertising Principles

Visit Stack Overflow or any Stack Exchange site and you may notice advertising on the site. Companies partner with us to advertise their products, services, specific jobs, and the benefits of working for them. We want these ads to be as relevant to you as possible and to make you more effective at work and…
Avatar for Sean Bave
GM of Stack Overflow Talent and Advertising
community September 17, 2019

Meet the Bots that Help Moderate Stack Overflow

September 20th marks the third year anniversary of Natty, which is a chat based robot that detects non-answers posted as answers. Built by a team called SOBotics, which consists of members from the Stack Overflow community, Natty has helped detect more than 150k non-answers, all of which can be seen on the dashboard, Sentinel. In…