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company November 9, 2017

Why Channels?

This post refers to “Channels”, a product which is now called “Teams.” As we continue to work on Channels, we wanted to share with you our vision, the thinking behind the product and its intricacies, and insight into the process behind developing it. Not all product problems have been solved, and we hope that we can…
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Product Manager (former)
company February 15, 2017

How Do Students Use Stack Overflow?

Since Stack Overflow was founded, we’ve described it as “a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers.” It supports both experienced developers who code as part of their work, and people who are learning as part of a university curriculum. So just how many of our users are students? We on the Data…
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Data Scientist (former)
design July 2, 2015

How We Built Our Blog

Yesterday, we announced the redesign of our blog and the addition of our engineering channel. This is the first post related to engineering detailing a walkthrough of what we’ve built, and what better than to blog about rebuilding our blog on our new blog? How meta. It started with an engineering blog A few months…
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Engineering Manager, Public Platform
community March 6, 2012

The New Stack Exchange Beta Theme

I wanted to give you a quick look at the new Stack Exchange Beta theme. Yes, we are retiring the familiar “Sketchy” theme and rolling out a more-polished and finished design for the beta sites. Raise the curtain, cue the trumpet fanfare… Alas, poor Sketchy… Over the course of the next few weeks, we will…
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Director of Community Development (former)
background March 2, 2012

Enterprise vs Consumer: Product Development at Careers 2.0

A few months ago I joined as a developer on the Careers 2.0 team – this is my story of bringing Careers 2.0’s new Apply button to fruition. Or, what happens when an Enterprise boy meets a Consumer Product Development company and gets exposed to how things are done on the other side. One of…
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company June 8, 2011

SE Podcast #07

Jeff and Joel are joined by Sam Saffron (aka Waffles), our only Australian developer at Stack Exchange! Does “Hell Banning” — making a problematic user’s posts visible to just him or her — make sense? You can see Jeff’s post about it over on Coding Horror. When issues like this are presented to the community,…
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Former GM, Teams & Enterprise
cc-wiki-dump August 11, 2010

Defending Attribution Required

All content contributed to the Stack Exchange network is licensed under cc-wiki (aka cc-by-sa). What does this mean? In short, it’s a way of guaranteeing that we can’t ever do anything nefarious with the questions and answers the community have so generously shared with us. It’s not unheard of for some companies to arbitrarily decide…
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Co-Founder (Former)
community May 6, 2010

Stack Overflow Funding: Chat Q&A Transcript

In case you missed all the excitement yesterday, Joel Spolsky sent out a tweet inviting his followers to join in what turned out to be Stack Overflow’s first-ever chat Q&A. The Stack Overflow teams have been experimenting with chat to help coordinate their development efforts in real time. After a flurry of publicity from the…
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Director of Community Development (former)
company February 12, 2009

Podcast #41

This is the 41st episode of the StackOverflow podcast, where Joel and Jeff sit down with Robert Martin aka “Uncle Bob”, and discuss software quality, the value of software engineering principles, and test-driven development. Joel clarifies that some of his comments in Podcast #38 were a bit unintentionally ad-hominem, and apologizes to Uncle Bob for…
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