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Alexa Scordato

Director of Product Marketing

Alexa is passionate about helping companies understand how to scale marketing teams and the role technology and community can play in driving business success. She speaks regularly about branding and growth strategies at startups, diversity in tech, and career growth for millennials.

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New York City

Jon Chan

Developer, Head of Evangelism

Jon is a developer and heads evangelism efforts at Stack Overflow. He's also the founder of Bento, a tech education site. He frequently speaks on product development, tech education, and diversity.

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New York City

Nada Elkady

Director of Marketing, North America

Possibility, innovation, and relentless movement forward are at the core of what drive Nada. She enjoys speaking about building scalable and efficient marketing systems, empowering women, and living life to the fullest through running.



Oded Coster


Oded has been a developer since 1997 and started using Stack Overflow during its beta period. He is now working at Stack Overflow, improving the site (when not bringing it down). He talks about both the community and engineering aspects of the site.

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