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Alex Warren

Web Developer

Alex is a developer on the Stack Overflow Talent team. His talk "How to be Awesome" is a guide for junior developers to further their careers by working on side projects, and how to make a great first impression when applying for a job.

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Jacksonville, FL

David Haney

Engineering Manager

David speaks on programming, management, and cognitive biases as they apply to hiring and decision making in the workplace. He specializes in .NET on topics such as performance and optimization, distributed caching, cloud computing, and search algorithms.

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New York City

Matt Sherman

Engineering Manager

Matt speaks on engineering and engineering management. He specializes in recruiting, getting developers talking to salespeople, and the Go programming language. He is also the founder of Alikewise, a dating site based on books.

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Atlanta, GA

Nick Larsen


dad, data team member at stack overflow, GA Tech grad student, high power rocketry enthusiast, connoisseur of head rubs

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New York City

Jeff Szczepanski

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff speaks about startups, the management and scaling of both sales teams and software development teams and how the two are much similar than you might think. His talk ‘The Developers Guide to Running a Sales Team’ can be seen here.

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Will Cole

Director of Talent Product

Will is the Director of Product for Stack Overflow Talent. He frequently speaks about the Stack Overflow Talent product, helping recruiters understand better how to hire developers, and product development best practices.

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