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talent February 24, 2020

How Your Tech Stack Can Attract Top Developers

For developers, the single biggest factor in evaluating a job offer is the technology stack they’ll be using. The tools and technologies selected as part of a company’s core tech stack will heavily impact that company’s ability to develop and deploy code quickly and to scale seamlessly. Know what to highlight to candidates about your tech stack.
talent February 19, 2020

“You need to give back to the community” Beamery’s take on successful employer branding in the crowded London tech scene

We spoke to Adam Rabinovitch, Global Technical Recruiting Lead and Evangelist at Beamery about how to do meaningful employer branding, how to be a successful recruiter in 2020 and how sometimes you do not hire a candidate, but might end-up teaching them something new. Tell us a bit about yourself and your position at beamery.…
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Content Strategist - Former
talent February 3, 2020

How the right metrics help you achieve your tech recruiting goals

When consulting to the companies advertising on the Talent platform, we see a repetition in most pressing challenges across industries and company sizes. We might hear from recruiters “We need to find more (quality) candidates.” A sourcer might say: “We need to find talent with a limited recruiting budget” or talent acquisition managers tell us…
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Content Strategist - Former
talent January 31, 2020

4 tips for building knowledge in tech recruiting

The increasing demand for developers means recruiters need to up their game. The developers that you’re recruiting don’t expect you to have expertise in the skills that you’re recruiting for. Otherwise, you’d be competing with them for their job. But you do need to know enough to speak to the skill set in the job…
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Content Strategist - Former