uncategorized October 27, 2011

Stack Exchange – Bringing Writers and Fans Together!

Stack Exchange – Bringing Writers and Fans Together! If the dozen+ action figures on my desk here at StackHQ doesn’t give it away, I’m a pretty big comic book fan. Like, really big. Naturally I gravitated towards the Science Fiction & Fantasy site, where my abnormally high-levels of X-Men/Buffy/Star Wars adoration raise few-to-no eyebrows. I…
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uncategorized September 30, 2011

Minimum Viable Personality – we can has?

Words of wisdom from Fake Grimlock: CHICKEN LIVE IN CAGE. NO CAN HAVE PERSONALITY INSIDE CAGE. LAST STEP IS SMASH CAGE, LIGHT BARN ON FIRE. DO THAT, YOU WIN. Grimlock’s guest post on Fred Wilson’s blog is chock full of robo-monster speak goodness about the minimum viable personality of a company. This last step, quoted above,…