Podcast #2

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This is the second episode of the StackOverflow podcast, wherein Joel and I discuss the following:

We also answered the following listener questions, with a lot of peripheral discussion on related topics:

  1. Nathan Stohlmann: How do we plan to keep religious discussions from happening on stackoverflow? will we provide a way to show implementations in multiple languages?
  2. Matt Youell: How will we handle spam or reblogged content from stackoverflow? What about licensing issues with user-generated content?
  3. Andrew Davis: How will we prevent stackoverflow quality from diminishing over time as the site becomes more popular?
  4. Andre Bluehs: Should I learn C++?

If you'd like to submit a question to be answered in our next episode, record an audio file (90 seconds or less) and mail it to podcast@stackoverflow.com.

The transcript wiki for this episode is available for editing.

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