Recording Podcast Questions Using Your Telephone

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If you want to submit a question for the next podcast, it must be in audio format. If you don't have an easy way to record your question, here's how. Use the BlogTalkRadio Cinch service:

  1. Call (646) 200-0000
  2. Talk
  3. Get the RSS feed at http://cinch.blogtalkradio.com/YOURPHONENUMBER

I just tried it, and it really works! I called 646-200-0000 from my cell phone, talked, hung up, then navigated to http://cinch.blogtalkradio.com/510620xxxx in my web browser:

Cinch result rss feed screenshot

The resulting mp3 file is 32 kbps, 11 kHz. There's a small "blog talk radio!" intro added, then whatever you said on the telephone.

Listen to my sample mp3 (43kb)

Just call 646-200-0000, talk, hang up, then visit the URL to download your freshly created mp3 audio file -- and mail it to us at podcast@stackoverflow.com. It really is that easy!

Thanks again to Tim Patterson for turning us on to this cool and free service!

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