Special Development Team Podcast

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You demanded it.

We're delivering.

Our special Stack Overflow development team podcast will be recorded later today.

Instead of yet another scintillating hour of Jeff and Joel constantly talking over each other, in this podcast episode you'll get to know the other two key players on the Stack Overflow team. You know, the ones that do all the real work.


Jarrod Dixon (Morganton, NC)


Geoff Dalgas (Corvallis, OR)

Pop quiz, hotshot. If you were starting a company, who would you pick to come with you?

For me, it's these two guys. Geoff, Jarrod and I all know each other from working together at previous jobs. They are without a doubt two of the very best developers I've ever worked with, and it's an honor to have them on the team. Particularly at the slave wages I'm paying them. (Actually, I'm not sure even a slave could survive on what I pay.)

Let's open the comments up -- what questions do you have for the Stack Overflow development team? We'll get to as many questions as we can fit in an hour.

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