Podcast #26

This is the twenty-sixth episode of the StackOverflow podcast, where Joel and Jeff answer five listener questions, mostly about social software design. Warning: this podcast features cowbell. Really.

  • Christopher Leary: “Any thoughts on the general design of karma and rep systems based on your experience building one for Stack Overflow?”

  • Michael L Perry: “What about a system where votes by people who have more reputation count more?”

  • Jeff Metzner: “If I post personal anecdotes as an answer to a question, is it reasonable for other users to edit that?”

  • Anonymous: “Why can’t we ask IT questions? What about a sister site like Stack Overflow but for IT questions?”

  • Miles Dennis: “For a cost-conscious startup, where do you see the balance between taking inexperienced staff that costs less, versus experienced staff that costs more?”

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