Expressing Your Tag Preferences

Geoff "the malice from corvallis" Dalgas has done it again. Over the last week he was busy implementing the number one UserVoice request -- tag preferences for a customized Stack Overflow homepage.


You'll notice there are two places you can now enter your ignored tags and interesting tags.

  1. On most question pages, in the right sidebar
  2. On your users page, under the "Preferences" tab

Once you've enter some tag preferences, the questions appear differently depending on whether they contain a tag in your list.


Interesting questions are highlighted; ignored questions are dimmed.

We planning to enhance and build out the tag preferences feature a bit more, but even as-is it should hopefully help you distinguish what you like from what you don't like a bit better. Note that we also increased the number of questions that show up on the homepage by default, all the better to filter your "ignore" and "interesting" against.

Also, a tip of the hat to Jonathan Buchanan's most excellent Stack Overflow Tag Manager script, which was the inspiration for this feature. I'm sure Jonathan's add-in will continue to evolve cool new features faster than our website can, so I encourage you to check it out.

In fact, there's quite an ecosystem of third party tools for Stack Overflow. If there are any third party tools or add-ons you feel are absolutely essential, let us know on UserVoice, and we'll try to roll those features into the core website so every Stack Overflow user can benefit.

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