No Podcast This Week -- Suggested Guests?

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There will be no podcast this week, because Joel is on a business trip to Korea, apparently at webappscon. I can't remember his exact words, but they were something along the lines of "I don't care that the listeners want a new podcast, I am not a monkey who dances for their amusement!" I tried in vain to reason with him, but you've heard how he is.

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But seriously, one thing Joel and I want to do in future podcasts is have more guests on the show. While we of course loooove talking about all things Stack Overflow and Fog Creek, it's also nice to open the floor up a bit and broaden our horizons.

We have a few guests tentatively lined up for future shows through the end of the year:

I'd like to open the comments up to suggestions. Who would you like to hear Joel and I talk with on future Stack Overflow podcasts?

And yes, Stack Overflow rules do apply -- the guest does have to be at least peripherally "programming related", in theory anyway. :)

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