New UserVoice Moderators

Over the last few months, I've noticed a few users that have been exceptionally active on the Stack Overflow UserVoice feedback site.

uservoice: top users by activity

I have extended UserVoice moderator privileges to Joel Coehoorn (it's pronounced koo-horn) and Sean Massa.

I wasn't kidding when I said this in the Stack Overflow FAQ:

At the high end of this reputation spectrum there is little difference between users with high reputation and moderators. That is very much intentional. We don't run Stack Overflow. The community does.

These two guys have gone far out of their way to help other users on UserVoice who have run into Stack Overflow bugs and issues. We think they've earned the right to speak as adjunct members of the Stack Overflow team.

adjunct (adjective)
  1. Added or connected in a subordinate or auxiliary capacity: an adjunct clause.
  2. Attached to a faculty or staff in a temporary or auxiliary capacity: an adjunct professor of history.

From now on, UserVoice responses from Sean or Joel will be similar to responses from the core team. As highly active users on both Stack Overflow and UserVoice, they're in an excellent position to help, and they'll have a close dialog with us to help resolve any issues or concerns that they've identified.

A big thanks to everyone who participates on the Stack Overflow UserVoice site. I -- and I mean this quite literally -- couldn't do it without you.

You can expect to see more changes on stackoverflow.com along these same lines, in the very near future.

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