Daily Dose of Daily Reputation Cap

It's your daily dose of everyone's best friend, the +200 per day Stack Overflow reputation cap!

Did you know that...

  1. Without the +200 per day reputation cap, a certain Stack Overflow user would have almost 60,000 reputation?
  2. Implementing a logarithmic decline in the value of upvotes would make almost no difference to most people's reputation scores?
  3. Capping all posts at 10 votes (for scoring purposes only) would make almost no difference to most people's reputation scores?

I didn't, until today! Behold the power of the daily reputation cap!

However, based on feedback to the previous bug fix to the daily reputation cap, we are making the following changes tonight:

  1. Accepted answers are now immune to the daily reputation cap. Again. This time as part of a policy and not a bug.
  2. Partial votes will be awarded if necessary to reach the daily reputation cap. In other words, if you are at 195 today, and someone casts an upvote for your posts right now, you'll get 5 reputation. Prior to tonight, you'd get none.

The partial vote awards sort of reminds me of Superman III, as described in Office Space.

<strong>PETER </strong>Yeah. I, I, I...Listen, that virus you're always talking about. The one
that, that could rip off the company for a bunch of money...

<strong>MICHAEL </strong>Yeah? What about it?

<strong>PETER </strong>Well, how does it work?

<strong>MICHAEL </strong>It's pretty brilliant. What it does is where there's a bank
transaction, and the interests are computed in the thousands a day in
fractions of a cent, which it usually rounds off. What this does is it
takes those remainders and puts it into your account.

<strong>PETER </strong>This sounds familiar.

<strong>MICHAEL </strong>Yeah. They did this in <a href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086393/">Superman III</a>.

<a style="border-bottom: none;" href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086393/"><img src="http://blog.stackoverflow.com/wp-content/uploads/super_iii.jpg" alt="superman iii" border="0" title="superman iii"></img></a>

<strong>PETER </strong>Yeah. What a good movie.

<strong>MICHAEL </strong>A bunch of hackers did this in the 70s and one of them got busted.

<strong>PETER </strong>Well, so they check for this now?

<strong>MICHAEL </strong>No, you see, Initech's so backed up with all the software we're
updating for the year 2000, they'd never notice.

So, enjoy your newly regained reputation scores! I guess that's why we still keep that beta disclaimer on the front page..

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